Solon called ‘fat ass’ for defending Veloso’s mother


Kabataan party-list Terry Ridon came to the defense of Mary Jane Veloso’s mother who fired shots at the Aquino administration by claiming that it did nothing to save her daughter from death row.

And the backlash came swiftly for Ridon: Being called a ‘fat ass’.

Ridon engaged in a Twitter war with @themarcoharder on Saturday morning after posting a tweet that reads: Gratefulness is not an issue in the delivery of public services or state obligations. We need to deliver irrespective of hurt feelings.

Veloso, who initially applied for a job as a household service worker in Malaysia, was nabbed in Indonesia’s Yogyakarta airport in 2010 for bringing in 2.6 kilos of heroin sewed in the lining of her suitcase by her recruiter Sergio without her knowledge. Veloso accepted the suitcase as a gift from Sergio because she had no suitcase.

She was to be executed before a firing squad last April 29, but Indonesia stayed the execution at the 11th hour amid strong indignation from the international community and an appeal from President Benigno Aquino 3rd.

“We should not have even reached this point had assistance been given at the earliest time. This is legitimate criticism, not ungratefulness,” Ridon added.

Unfortunately for Ridon, Marco Harder was in the mood for a word war and body shaming session.

“You wanna play the name game? Terry Ridon, riding of issues for publicity since Day 1. You should try working harder, instead of hardly working. Kaya ang taba mo e (That’s why you are fat),” Harder tweeted Ridon.

“You should be ashamed of your fat ass,” Harder added.

Ridon, a lawyer, tried to mount a comeback by pointing out that Saturday is not a workday but even that argument still backfired.

“Riding on any excuse not to work. Carry on showing how you waste taxpayer money dicking around on the Internet. You don’t even deliver half of that on weekdays,” Harder said.

Thankfully in the end, Ridon finally came to his senses and decided to stop engaging with a troll.

“A mere grouplet is raising this ‘ingrata’ issue. Government and militants have better things to do than ride on this matter,” Ridon said.


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  1. MJ Veloso’s mother and family are all INGRATES. Atty. Ridon is only riding on
    Veloso’s STUPIDITY. Filipino mules never learns. for the past years there were already examples but they never learn. Mga i-nutil o talagang mga Stupido.

  2. Venerando Desales on

    I felt ironic about that statement of Mary Jane’s mother. Maybe, she was deceived into making that ‘walang’ ginawa’ statement. She should have chosen the path of humility as they received a great grace from God! See how other people manipulate and stir emotions to suit their agenda? Sometimes being silent is prudent! It is more attuned to the nature of our soul. It is in calmness where we are able to listen to the teachings of the Holy Spirit and the guidance of our guardian angels! Our emotions are superficial like rough waves. We need to calm the waves first. It is in the domain of our emotions and imaginations where the devil, using other people, is very effective in tempting us! That’s the reason we make stupid decisions and fatal errors in life. We become proud, conceited, and narcissists!