• Solon challenges high court to rule on RH law


    Rep. Sherwin Gatchalian of Valenzuela City urged the Supreme Court (SC) to rule on the reproductive health (RH) law, claiming this would stabilize the country’s labor force.

    Gatchalian said that the implementation of the RH law has a “direct” effect on unemployment figures.

    “If the high court wants to help the country curb unemployment, then they should let the RH Law be implemented,” he said.

    The High Tribunal is set to decide on the case this month.

    The lawmaker’s call came after the Labor Force Survey showed that new jobs cannot accommodate the growing work force, with unemployment rising from 2.78 million to 2.97 million last January.

    He said that the SC should affirm the legality of RH law, which is indefinitely kept by a status quo ante order for a year now, to take advantage of the demographic dividend.

    The demographic dividend is the shift to low fertility and mortality rates, which cuts the growth rate of the labor force and frees state funds for welfare and economic development.

    Gatchalian said that lower fertility rates lead to less people who are dependent on the employed population therefore increasing income per capita. The government can then invest more on infrastructure, which in turn attracts foreign direct investments (FDIs).

    “When businessmen come in and set up shops, jobs are generated. It is a welcome cycle,” he said. REINA TOLENTINO


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    1. I’ll be uncharitable: stupid congressman for thinking you can curb unemployment by contracepting the population. economic studies show that economic prosperity leads to a decrease in fertility. stop pocketing the PDAF and spend it for education and healthcare Mr. Gatchalian!

    2. let’s all be honest, the people in the Philippines with money already have
      birth control, abortions, etc etc etc, even back in the 1960’s.

      RH law is just a program to make the programs currently available to the
      moneyed, also available to the rest of the country, and also stops the
      culture of HYPROCRISY.

    3. Ernesto C del Castillo on

      It is unfortunate that Cong Gatchalian thinks Population Control is the solution to the problem of Unemployment instead of Government putting all its resources to better Healthcare, Education, Livelihood.