‘Sombrada cerrada contra Anggolo’


Sombrada cerrada contra anggolo is a defensive weapon maneuver. This technique can also be translated as payong (umbrella) or bubong (roof)—a type of block against a downward diagonal slash. This scenario is a translation of the technique from bolo to knife.

SOMBRADA20140803Photo 1 shows Abenir (right) and his training partner Grim in a ready knife fighting position. Photo 2 shows Grim delivering a diagonal slash toward the carotid artery on the neck. Abenir counters by quickly executing a sombrada directly on Grim’s weapon hand, which is basically a cut across the wrist. Photo 3 shows the path of Abenir’s blade from Grim’s wrist to his neck. Photos 4 to 5 show a transition move that finally ends with totchada derecho (thrust) to Grim’s stomach.

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