• Some love the spotlight, others hide in the shadows

    Some people love the good life, others enjoy making things terribly challenging for themselves: ‘Manhunt’s’ Joel Lambert

    Some people love the good life, others enjoy making things terribly challenging for themselves: ‘Manhunt’s’ Joel Lambert

    Entourage the movie is made for fans of the show—those who know the characters and what it’s all about. If you’re unfamiliar, you’ll just be watching a bunch of boys enjoy the good life all over sunny and scenic Los Angeles with its swimming pools, blue skies and palm trees. This is not really the film you go to for substance, freshness, high stakes or conflict. If you want something very light, mildly funny and fluffy this should suit you—just don’t expect fodder for a two-hour discussion of the film over coffee afterwards.

    Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) is about to make his directorial debut and to use a cliché—it could make or break his career as well that of Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven). This pretty much looks like episodes from a new half season of the show—more women, more shenanigans, more cameos (Gary Busey, Liam Neeson, Pharell, etc.).

    These boys live such fun, comfortable, fantastic lives and they’re surrounded by such gorgeous women—maybe it’ll get interesting for me to watch an entourage movie if they go 25 years into the future to see how everyone has turned out.

    And while Ari, Drama, Turtle, Vincent and E live in the limelight, there’s one guy who prefers to stealthily keep out of sight—Joel Lambert.

    In season one of Manhunt we saw former Navy SEAL use his escape, survival and evasion expertise while being pursued by different military and police units across the globe—including our very out Philippine Scout Rangers (who, without much technology or apps, got him).

     The ‘Entourage’ gang

    The ‘Entourage’ gang

    This season, he faces being pursued by Mongolian hunters in negative 300C degree weather; Scottish Ghillies in the Highlands; a bloodhound tracking team in South Carolina; a Mexican police force; and the Wampus Cats (a survivalist group) of Florida.

    Joel answered a few questions I sent to a round table discussion recently.

    Fan Girl: Would you like to shoot another Manhunt episode in the Philippines, or have you possibly been asked to shoot another one over here?

    Joel Lambert: I would love to. I really like the Philippines. I’ve been involved in Filipino martial arts and been in the Philippines many times. And the kids I sponsored through Children International are in the Philippines. So, I have a lot of ties to the Philippine Islands, the Filipino people.

    I have a very special place in my heart for the Philippines. Also, that jungle—if I would have known more about the jungle and had more first hand environment, I would have changed my entire strategy.

    I would love to do it again because it’s such a standout.

    FG: What are your favorite action movies?

    JL: The old school ones, the ones I grew up on. You know, the original Terminator, Predator . . . I don’t know if you’d characterize Rocky as an ac- tion movie.

    But, you know, the Schwar-zenegger, the Stallone movies, the Jean Claude Van Damme movies that we all grew on, the Steven Seagal movies—you know, Under Siege—those are the ones that I think of first when you say what are the action movies that I grew up on.

    But, for modern ones, there’s some fantastic stuff going on. Dwayne Johnson, the Rock, who’s such a great ac- tion hero.

    I also love some of the suspenseful action movies. The Law Abiding Citizen, I love that movie. I don’t know what movies I’ve seen recently. I will tell you what I don’t like though in the action movies is all the computer generated stuff that they can do which is amazing, [but]I think that they’re relying too much on that.

    And, every time I’m in the action movie, New York City, you know, blows up, or Washington, D.C. is hit by missiles, or Godzilla destroys London, or something like that. I just . . . I get bored and I turn it off. Because, it’s not exciting anymore.

    Season two of Manhunt with Joel Lambert premieres at 8 p.m. on July 7 on Discovery Channel. Entourage opened on Wednesday.


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