• Some mediamen also into drugs – PNP chief


    SOME members of the media are also involved in illegal drugs, Philippine National Police chief Ronald Dela Rosa said on Thursday.

    In a television interview, Dela Rosa said some mediamen either users, dealers or protector of drug lords.

    He did not say however if these are members of broadcast of print media.

    The PNP chief earlier said that President Rodrigo Duterte has a long list of police officers and personnel with links to the illegal drug trade. The President had earlier named five police generals he claimed to be protectors of drug syndicates.

    Dela Rosa met with three of the generals Wednesday. He said the police officer’s will have to face the music.

    Also on Thursday, the police chief said there are only three things that he fears: God; his wife’s anger and ghosts.

    “Ang multo kasi kahit barilin mo tatagos lang (If you shoot at a ghost the bullet will just pass through it),” he explained.


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    1. Payola has been going on since I was just 6 years old. This is how radio broadcaster and media men get their money. They do not earn a lot in newspaper column and radio broadcasting. Look at their lavish lifestyle . They even ake their annual vacation abroad with they’re children. If you make a lifestyle check, include the radio , Tzv broadcasters and print media men. You will see how rich they are.

    2. Lets pretend that this war on drugs will fix everything, Is that the reason the senate and house of reps members stole their pork barrel allocations ?

      Did they give Napoles billions so they could get kickbacks to buy drugs ?

      Unless the new government goes after the pork barrel and DAP fund thieves from Aquino’s administration then this war on drugs will amount to nothing but a war against the poor.