Somebody needs to sell these Autodromo timepieces here


watches20161018WHO needs to wear a wristwatch these days? By wristwatch, we don’t mean those geeky smartwatches that badger you with the prescribed number of steps you need to take in order to stay fit. We’re referring to mechanical ones—those that look good next to a steering wheel or a shift knob. Driver’s watches, in other words.

Now, we’re not lacking for handsome car-themed timepieces locally. Most of the desirable brands are already represented here by official vendors. But the one brand we’d really like to wrap around our wrist is Autodromo, which, to the best of our knowledge, still isn’t sold in the Philippines by an authorized distributor.

Autodromo is an American watch company founded in 2011 by some dude named Bradley Price. Online searches reveal him to be a New York-based car guy. One particular model we love in the brand’s product lineup is the Prototipo Chronograph (above), which is basically a poor man’s Heuer Autavia. This watch isn’t automatic, but it isn’t exactly quartz either. It runs on Seiko’s VK63 chronograph hybrid meca-quartz movement, which combines the practical attributes of quartz and automatic. This means it behaves like a mechanical one—the second hand sweeps around—even if it makes use of a battery. It’s pretty affordable, too. Its US pricing puts it at just below P40,000.

If you really can’t be bothered with a quartz mechanism, Autodromo has other models that are automatic.

We end this with a plea: Can someone bring this watch brand in already?


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