• Someone (said something, somewhere) yesterday


    Cushioned on the seats of the opposition
    it’s clear as -time: the leader will have that say

    How to object in all propriety, in cheap clothes
    note, the spaces between sequins
    can’t we mark it up to the breathing

    Of dancers, chairman, the well-heeled in song
    (in concert) so polished, the oh-fixed arrangements

    Veering from the blood of the ho-hum running amok
    the spray of the fireman, all nerves. How to smuggle in the red

    trucks in cycles of polite discourse
    While news of clapping wash

    white an hour and a half of squealing. Squeals

    Or tears? Apparently, this generation’s been shaped into arsonists
    scavengers of relief goods.
    Before you pox both houses, here’s

    your man-at-arms riddled with fire and asthma.
    Companion, take this body

    as far from the water as is human and possible.


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