Somewhat a love poem- #1

Illustration by Perry Gil Mallari

Illustration by Perry Gil Mallari

I happen to pass by
On this, by now, muddy road
Alongside the low sugar canes
That swayed and danced
Blown by monsoon winds

The pebbles and sands gave way
To the rushing flow of rain waters
Forming like giant white snakes
Escaping from the road…

Nothing much had changed
And this countryside still harbors
Secrets almost everyone knows—
Somewhere out there

Reds are in silence, behind stories
Of past heroes and heroines
I saw that tract where you once
Sat alone waiting for the transit

You took out that folded, crisp
Paper from the bag and read the lines
A love poem, remember?
And that was years and years ago,

That love still remains a fire—
Burning within us, you sing that love for us
And we sing that love with our people
Longing to be free…


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