• Son of milk tea owner charged with murder


    THE Manila police has deemed the milk tea poisoning case closed with the filing of charges of two counts of murder and frustrated murder against Lloyd Abrigo, the son of the owner of the milk tea franchise in Sampaloc, Manila.

    Abrigo was accused of mixing oxadic acid, a bleaching and anti-rust chemical, into the container where the ingredients to blend milk tea was placed.

    Manila Police District Director Chief Supt. Rolando Nana however said the motive is still unknown. If the police will be able to establish that Abrigo’s aim was to kill his father, William, the case will be upgraded to parricide.

    William Abrigo, 57, and Suzanne Dagohoy, 28, died on April 9, 2015 after drinking the poisoned beverage.

    Dagohoy’s boyfriend, Arnold Aydalla, 31, was also taken to the hospital but he survived.

    Nana said the case against the young Abrigo is strong because of the testimonies of four witnesses, the footage of the closed-circuit television, and the results of crime laboratory, including the autopsy report.

    Police said the CCTV footage captured Lloyd, wearing hand gloves and carrying a bag, entering the store the day before the incident. Lloyd has earlier denied going to the store before the poisoning incident.

    Crime laboratory tests showed that the milk tea was mixed with oxalic acid, a very strong chemical used as metal cleaner.


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    1. Oxalic acid is found in all plants including tea. How much oxalic acid was in the blood?