• Sona vs Tsona vs one hand clapping


    A friend of mine who studies Zen has suggested that in reply to President Aquino’s SONA (State of the Nation Address) last July27, and vice President Binay’s TSONA (True state of the Nation Address) on August 3, the people should present “one hand clapping” or OHC for short.

    OHC, he says, will literally disarm the two highest officials of the land and their rabid supporters. This is the best riposte for their uniform dishonesty in reporting on the state of the nation and the plight of our millions.

    The sound of only one hand clapping will deflate the egos of Aquino and Binay.

    It will surely discourage the writing and delivery of a Counter-Tsona, because it would be laughed off by everyone. Who would want to deliver now a Counter-tsona?

    An audit of the nation
    In the advanced democracies particularly in the United Kingdom, the mother of parliaments, the state of the nation address is treated as nothing less than “an audit of the nation” – not of one part or aspect of the nation, but of the entire nation.

    This is instructive, because audits, as public officials and members of Congress well know and dread, involve facts and figures and data properly digested and interpreted. When the auditors are competent and serious, you can run, but you cannot hide.

    Neither Aquino nor Binay did such an audit of our national life in their respective reports. Neither knew how or had the stamina to do a real audit. Both their efforts were strictly for propaganda purposes – to inflate their egos and hurt their enemies.

    In his final SONA, the president did a little mathematics, but it was strictly a pedestrian counting of things, like arms and pistols distributed to policemen and soldiers, schoolrooms built for the public school system, and on and on and on.

    Most of us waited in vain for the expected inventory of national problems and what his government is doing or will do about them, but then he got distracted by the thought that his main problem from 2010 up to now is Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. It was never, never land from there on.

    As for a road map during the final year of his presidency, he spoke glowingly about his “tuwid na daan” or straight path governing philosophy. Yet once again, he could not offer a map or a plan to follow.

    His main agenda, it appears, is for his chosen one and the Liberal party to win in the May 2016 elections.

    Binay offers a heckler’s response
    Mr. Binay grandiosely promised that he would offer a report on the true state of the nation.

    But instead of a report, what he gave was only a heckler’s superficial reading of the Aquino SONA. He took potshots at everything he could find fault with.

    He went all th way to Cavite to deliver his Tsona, so much so that it seemed like he was John the Baptist crying in the wilderness.

    But Binay made no serious assessment of the state of the nation, based on a careful analysis and review of facts and figures and policies.

    The lengthy litany of grievances did not cohere into a whole, except for the refrain, “jobs, jobs, jobs, services, services, services.”

    Like the leader he is criticizing, Binay could offer no vision of the kind of nation and the kind of government he will build if he is fortunate enough to get elected in May next year.

    I waded patiently through the Filipino text of Binay’s address (like Aquino, he was too lazy and absent-minded to order an English translation of his address). Wading through the thing (I can read and understand Filipino competently), I never got a sense that the Vice President has a clear idea of what he will do in office and where he will take our country and our people.

    The only thing that’s clear is that he will be different from BS Aquino, and he will not adopt the straight path program. Which, of course, does not mean, he will adopt a crooked path as the alternative.

    At the end of both reports, Aquino and Binay mirrored each other. Each sought to use others, ordinary citizens, to do the heavy lifting for them. Aquino paraded witnesses to testify to the beneficence of his policies and programs.

    Binay employed the memory and martryrdom of the murdered SAF 44 commandos as his chief prop in extolling selfless public service, and attacking the heartlessness of President Aquino.

    He was aided by a vivid mural of the SAF 44 which was deployed as backdrop for the address.

    The exploitation did not sit well with some of the widows and relatives. This will be milked by administration propagandists.

    One hand clapping
    “What is the sound of one hand clapping?” is a traditional Zen koan — a question posed by a Zen master to a student.

    It is meant to be pondered from within the routine of daily life until the answer opens the true heart of the question. All koans must be answered from within the realm of one’s own personal experience, and thus be encountered in the journey of living.

    People who have truly lived with a koan for an extended period of time come to experience the answer. There eventually comes a certain opening of awareness, and a manifestation of the heart of compassion.

    Finally, one Zen student says, “What is the sound of one hand clapping? The sound of one hand clapping is silence.”

    Methinks that when our people respond to the dishonest speech of their top leaders with one hand clapping, ergo silence, they will begin to think and reflect, and maybe even reform and lead effectively.



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    1. PNOY and VP Binay are really opposite. I am please by the TSONA because it opens up another perspective for the Filipino people. PNOY is really good with words if I didn’t know better I would have clap for him while watching his SONA. Binay’s TSONA is also like a publicity for him for the upcoming presidential race. And if ever Sen. Poe runs for president, I don’t think she’s ready to take that seat yet. I suggest her to take things slow.

      If they really want to serve the Filipino people or our country having a position on the government is not just the way. They can serve without the power because clearly they have the wealth. The question is do they have the heart?

    2. Daniel B. Laurente on

      The SONA AND TSONA belongs to one line on opposite direction,. One is acknowledgement of the Real SONA and the other is intoduction of Unreal SONA.

    3. A DOG, maybe a German Sheperd or a Chehuwawa is much better than those aspiring for president in the banana republic…all of them are corrupt…then somebody mentioned that F—ing MARCOS, bullshit..OMG please help the Philippines

    4. VP Binay when he was still with the admin of Pres BSA and the the way he is acting now…there is a jargon term for that “NOBLE”. VP BInay is “noble enough” to say NO to Pres BSA and “very noble enough” to keep silent whilst he was a witness to the very bad things happenings within the innards of malacanang. Thereafter now that he severed ties with the palace he is “very noble” to herald to RP citizen that he is the MAN in 2016. If VP Binay is “really a noble man”, earlier while still in Palace he should have dangled his balls ready for castration and divulge to the republic about the smelly cookings in the palace. Nay he kept silent and let the constituancy severely suffer for 5 years under BSA whilst he want their votes in 2016…I say this is a very NO BALL act.

      • Also, he was begging for support (for 2016 possible annointment) from PNoy for 5 years.

        But he was frustrated. So Binay resorted to biting his old master.

    5. The SONA vs TSONA issues shows what kind of leaders we have.
      Both are not the type of President PH needs. We get relieved Pnoy
      ends his term but Bnay is coming to town.
      Possible scenarios after 2016:
      1. Mar-Poe wins. Poe disqualified due to her citizenship issue.
      Drilon gets the post as Senate President. LP wins.
      2. Grace-Chiz wins. Garce disqualified due to her citizenship issue.
      Chiz as VP takes over by succession.
      3. Binay-Poe wins. Another 6 years of rough sailing.
      They clould not act together. They have different ideas and advisers.
      different interests and principles.
      4. Duterte-Marcos. Duterte wins but BBM lost to Chiz.
      Now Duterte as President wt Chiz as VP. might be a good combi.
      Both Lawyers and have the experience in Government service.
      Duterte has the political will to execute the Laws. Death penalty rsstored.
      Corrupts jailed. We can now see ‘kung wlang kurap-walang mahirap slogan
      comes to reality. if Smugglers fight back they are killed. Tax evaders jailed.
      Revenue increased.

      • BTW, Chiz is an opportunist.

        If the 4th case happens, Chiz can use the CHR and the Ombudsman to impeach Duterte. Chiz is a friend of PNoy, and was also a beneficiary of DAP and PDAF, so he can use the same tactics employed by PNoy.

        In this case, the Filipino people will be looser once again

        Case number one is very likely, with hocus PCOS

    6. TAMA NA SOBRA NA! tigil na itong batuhan ng akusasyon :-( Si Binay kumpyansa na siya ang mananalo dahil this early eh pinaplantsa na niya ang dapat gawin..sana di siya magtagumpay.

    7. Aquino and Binay are just the same, crooks and incompetents running our gov’t/ Binay steals for himself; Aquino’s secretaries and undersecretaries steal for nim.

    8. Vic Penetrante on

      Do we audit ourselves completely before going to confession? Or do we look for explanations and excuses as an audit part of what we’ve done?

    9. genesisbughaw on

      Type mo ba ako? yan po ang sabi ng kandidato ng Yellowtards.
      Sa Sona versus Tsona naman pag tinanung ninyo si Sickritari Lacierda ang isasagot po niya ay… TSAROT!

      Oh my gush! what’s happening to our country!?

    10. the tsona or whatever the heck it is, is the real reflection of just what kind of a man bee nay is! saluting the SAF44 was a jolly good show, magaling! until you see on fb a picture of him insulting, threatening and mocking a police officer during the Makati brouhaha! it show’s the real bee nay a DOBLE CARA and nothing more!

    11. willie macawili on

      I agree with you Mr. Makabenta. I am not an avid of Aquino but I do believe he has some good achievements though not much to crow about. Binay on the other hand just dug his political grave deeper with that TSONA. I have now have the impression that Binay is showing greed and lust for presidency. That speech was a big red flag as far as I’m concerned and I believe to others too.

      • If Binay believes he did the Filipinos any service by contradicting and finding faults with BS Aquino’s SONA he was wrong. He did it to advance his chances of becoming President this coming elections. What is glaring, in fact was his silence all the while that he was still a member of the Cabinet. As VP did he not feel the suffering of the survivors of Yolanda, and those of the LRT and MRT commuters so inconvenienced by government’s ineptness and lack of action, or of the families of the slain SAF 44 who are still praying and crying for justice?
        Which brings me to the realization that Bongbong Marcos, who up to now has not signified the intention to run for the presidency is the only person who has presented a more vivid picture of what really is the True SONA and a roadmap, if I may, to the Philippines’ recovery and rebirth as a great nation.

    12. laguatanlawzen.com on

      Both leaders, Aquino and Binay, are misleading the people.Aquino and his mindless cronies had been misleadingly trumpeting their crazy propaganda that the economy is improving. That’s a lot of baloney. Why? Because the true economic indicator is the volumes of economic investments poured into the country and NOT the volumes of
      remittances by OFWs. This is just an artificial and misleading economic indicator.The Daang Matuwid of Aquino is a LOT OF BULLSHIT. They had been trying to lull the hungry Filipinos into something that will eventually numb their senses. Voters for the 2016 presidential election must now learn a lesson the hard way NOT to vote for either Binay or Roxas.JUNK THEM AND VOTE STRAIGHT DUTERTE. Mabuhay si President Rody Duterte

      • Mr. Duerte anounced lod an clear that he believes in BBMARCOS ..SO let BBMARCOS DO the JOB