sonnetswhen i behold the old westering sun
and feel over me the fall of the night
when bamboo leaves i hear humming as one
sweet symphony ‘neath the gleaming moonlight

and summer’s breathing attemper and low
whispering soft uncouth sounds in my ears
perhaps untold secrets that i should know
or unheard love songs in the olden years
then i think of thee, dear one, of our prime
still strong, still in love & still young at heart
waiting for the last moment of our time
when the cold winds of Lethe keep us apart

but bear in mind, my heart, that i love thee
and this will always remind thee of me

and when i am gone to where time stands still
where no winds to blow or no rains to fall
nor an inkling of light and sounds to fill
with music the empty space of my soul

or when i lay me down beneath the sod–
cold hands folded on my breast O my heart
remember me, remember me to God
in memory we’ll never be apart

then in that void my love will lend me wings
your prayers will light my flambeaus of hope
though emptiness in my inmost self clings
in my long sojourn i shall never mope

O coeur, ma vie! if we meet in Zion
in God’s lap brief we love’s true devotion

in this age where love’s but a paltry thing
where youthful hearts easily break or bend
you came with the breeze of autumn or spring
because of you i found myself again

i hear the song of your endearing eyes
each night when i have your voice in my ear
soothing my longing with your smiles and sighs
You are to me the one i hold most dear

and when you are hurting do not lose me
i cannot bear the pain of losing you
many a dreams have i seen you and me
of moments in time that i am with you

and yes! you are my life now O chere Mar
not my moon or sun but my sapphire star


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  1. Santiago is a prolific poet who explored and experimented with so many forms. It is real pleasure to read him