Sophisticated adventurer rolls onto PH roads


Swedish Ambassador to the Philippines Harald Fries (left) and Volvo Philippines President Albert Arcilla unveil the V90 Cross Country at the North Court of the Power Plant Mall, Makati City. VOLVO PH PHOTO

The eagerly awaited Volvo V90 Cross Country has finally arrived in the Philippines, completing the line-up of Volvos’ impressive 90 Series cars.

Volvo Philippines proudly on June 9, 2017 introduced the sophisticatedly adventurous V90 Cross Country at the North Court of the Power Plant Mall, Makati City. Flanked by its equally remarkable siblings – the Volvo S90 and XC90 – Volvo’s latest addition is a Swedish luxury estate, confirming Volvo’s leadership in the Cross Country segment.

A rich, class-leading heritage
Since the introduction of the first Cross Country almost 20 years ago, Volvo cars have become synonymous with the rugged all-road, all-weather product category, with a growing stable of Cross Country models.

Instrumental to defining the Cross Country segment, Volvo clearly cements its leadership role in providing the most capable and comfortable premium off-roader with the Volvo V90.

“Cross Country has become a true expression of a Volvo car in may people’s eyes. It was a winning concept from the start, perfect for the tough climate and road conditions that we experience in Sweden,” said Håkan Samuelsson, president and chief executive officer, Volvo Car Group.

The luxury of space
With a design that clearly stands out from the crowd, the V90 Cross Country’s rugged character belies a sumptuous interior that delivers a level of luxury uncommon in the segment, combining all the benefits of the connectivity and entertainment features that were launched with the new S90 and V90.

“The modern premium estate is all about the intriguing combination of a luxurious experience with the functional origins of the estate’s silhouette. The sophisticated ambience of our new Volvo interiors is combined with a great cargo space, providing the right kind of functionality – whether through connectivity or cargo and storage solutions,” said Thomas Ingenlath, senior vice president of Design at Volvo Car Group.

The V90 Cross Country’s exterior design cues communicate the powerful and dynamic capability that the car exemplifies, while offering the flexibility to choose from both rugged and elegant expressions.

In Scandinavian design, form follows function to achieve a light and spacious elegance. Using of high-end materials, classic proportions and controlled surfacing, the Volvo V90 is the pinnacle of estate cars, made the Swedish way for an adventurous lifestyle.

The hallmark of an active lifestyle
The new V90 Cross Country is the perfect addition to an active, adventurous lifestyle with its exceptional versatility and comfortable, engaging drive. Crafted with natural materials, the luxurious, spacious interior adds a real sense of status, style and sophistication, and makes the new V90 Cross Country the ideal car for work and pleasure.

Rugged, yet elegant
Volvo designers took their inspiration for the distinctive grille and headlights from the celebrated Volvo Concept Estate, unveiled in 2014. The upright grille, high belt line, large wheels, panoramic roof and LED headlights exude self-confidence and project a distinctive Volvo identity.

Fresh and contemporary in its design, the new V90 Cross Country also features classic Volvo styling cues, such as the strong shoulders that run back to the rear of the car.

Luxurious, lounge-like interior
The interior design of the new V90 Cross Country was guided by three principles: proportion, intelligent use of technology and the Scandinavian approach to luxury.

The lines of the interior are stretched horizontally, creating a feeling of width and space and the proportions of a luxurious cabin. By replacing switches and buttons with a touchscreen, we have created a cabin that feels spacious and uncluttered.

The premium, handcrafted materials used throughout the car’s interior are further expressions of Scandinavian luxury.

Locally, the V90 Cross Country will initially be available with an 8-speed AWD (all-wheel drive), 2.0-liter in-line 4-cylinder twin turbo diesel spewing 235 horsepower at

4,000 rpm and 480 Newton-meters of torque at 1,750-2,250 rpm.

With PowerPulse, Volvo Cars has developed an innovative way of delivering instant turbo response in diesel engines providing a distinct performance feel that many carmakers struggle to achieve in their diesel variants.

PowerPulse works by drawing air from the air filter via a compressor to a pressurized 2.0-liter air tank. When the driver wishes to accelerate quickly during launch and during low-speed driving, the air is fed by a valve into the exhaust manifold to feed the turbo. This has the effect of delivering a quick and responsive pulse of power. The air in the tank is topped-up automatically, making sure that PowerPulse is always ready to deliver a new boost.

Volvo Cars is the only carmaker currently using such technology in production cars.


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