Sorcerer contracted to ‘eliminate’ Napoles


SARIAYA, Quezon: A local sorcerer has been “contracted” to kill Janet Lim-Napoles and all the lawmakers who conspired with her to siphon funds from the pork barrel.

“Joseph,” who admits to being a sorcerer himself, said a colleague of his had been hired to assassinate Napoles and the rest of the pork barrel players.

Joseph said his colleague has asked him to help carry out the “hit.” “He told me he will need my help if he didn’t succeed,” Joseph said in Filipino.

He did not say if his fellow sorcerer will cast deadly spells on Napoles et al, or who contracted him.

Joseph said he too would gladly accept a contract for the people behind the pork barrel scheme.

“If it were up to me, we would all be better off it all of them were eliminated,” he said.
He said one of the three senators charged with plunder in connection with the billion pork barrel scheme was innocent.

Judging from her aura, Napoles will never tell the truth and will pin the blame on other implicated personalities, Joseph said.

Sorcerers in this community are much sought after in this part of Quezon for their ability to cast good or evil spells.

Napoles’ lawyer claims she surrendered last month because influential people were out to kill her.

But on Friday, the Philippine National Police (PNP) said has not yet information on threat against Napoles, who is jailed in Fort Santo Domingo in Santa Rosa City.

the businesswoman in the center of the multi-billion ‘pork barrel’ scam.

The spokesperson for the PNP chief, Senior Supt. Wilben Mayor said that they yet to receive any information that there’s a threat against Napoles, who is detained in a police-training camp at the outskirt of Metro Manila.

“Negative,” PNP spokesman Sr. Supt. Wilben Mayor replied in a text message when asked if there was an existing threat on Napoles’ life.

With A Report From  Anthony Vargas


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