• Sorsogon now ‘coal-free’ province


    Sorsogon has declared itself as a “coal-free” province, seeking to move toward a sustainable future. During its 70th regular session, the 8th provincial board approved Resolution 323-2017, which proclaimed Sorsogon as an environment-friendly and a clean energy province, noting hazardous effects of coal to both the environment and the health of its residents. The resolution called for adoption of a policy prohibiting all offices and local government instrumentalities to issue any permit, authorization, endorsement or support the development of any coal-fired power plants in the province. Sorsogon shall “strive to develop and utilize clean and renewable energy to support energy growth and, on the other hand, veer away from activities that are destructive of the environment and harmful to the Sorsogueños’ health and livelihood, such as coal-fired power plants.


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