Sotto backs calls to scrap Senate panel


ACTING Senate Minority Leader Sen. Vicente Sotto 3rd on Wednesday said failure of the current leadership of the blue ribbon committee to come up with even a single committee report on one of its investigations somehow justifies calls to abolish the panel.

Sotto added that he could not blame those pushing for the abolition of the committee headed by Sen. Teofisto Guingona 3rd, noting that people are getting weary of the continued grandstanding by some of its members.

ACTING Senate Minority Leader Sen. Vicente Sotto 3rd on Wednesday said failure of the current leadership of the blue ribbon committee to come up with even a single committee report on one of its investigations somehow justifies calls to abolish the panel.

Sotto added that he could not blame those pushing for the abolition of the committee headed by Sen. Teofisto Guingona 3rd, noting that people are getting weary of the continued grandstanding by some of its members.

The lawmaker was reacting to The Manila Times column of former Sen. Francisco “Kit” Tatad who called on the Senate leadership to abolish the committee.

Tatad pointed out that since the Senate is “unable to stop Senators Antonio Trillanes 4th, Alan Peter Cayetano and Aquilino Pimentel 3rd from using the blue ribbon [sub-committee] for their political ends, many have come to believe the only way to defang the three young terrors is to take away the committee, which has become an instrument of political mayhem.”

The blue ribbon sub-committee is investigating alleged corrupt practices of Vice President Jejomar Binay when he was still the mayor of Makati City (Metro Manila).

According to Tatad, the Senate majority leader, also the chairman of the committee on rules, just needs to move an appropriate motion on the floor and have it voted upon by the members of the chamber.

But such move is unlikely to succeed since Cayetano, one of those actively pursuing the investigation against the Vice President, is the sitting majority leader.

“Although I am only tempted to agree, I cannot blame him [Tatad] because, until now, the blue ribbon committee does not have a single committee report approved in plenary,” Sotto noted.

According to the acting minority leader, approval of the plenary is the most important factor before a report can be considered a Senate committee report.

The blue ribbon committee has only come up with an incomplete committee report on its investigation of the Priority Development Assistance Fund scam involving Senators Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada, Ramon Revilla Jr. and Juan Ponce Enrile.

Aside from not being able to come up with a complete committee report, it also failed to continue its probe of non-government organizations implicated in the scam.


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  1. trillanes should have just been made to stand up against a wall and then shot by a firing squad. this country of ours have no room for mutineers. i do hope that if and when a coup comes into play, that whoever takes part in it should get the maximum pinishment allowed by law and that no presidential pardons be handed to them. as for pimentel and cayetano, the hell with them both. they are good for nothing senators and wanna be presidents. silang tatlo, pare pareho pang mga sipunin kung baga.

  2. >>> Filipino People of the Philippines !!!! The subject is ” what the BRC has bees accomplished in their all investigation in “aid of legislation”. What, where, who and when drafted and undorse any Bill to have a law for the investigation?

    But those senatongs and representa-thieves are losing sucks. Even the readers of this news articles are similarly to those legislators (kuno). Some guys is saying POTATOS while the others are telling TOMATOS. So this subject will never be ended.

  3. We are a democratric country and the senators should review the merit of the investigation not to simply sweep them under the rag all these important issues of corruption for the Filipinos who are paying tax and wanted a clean government.
    What should be minimized if not totlally eliminated are the media who are making irresponsible reporting and causing confusion to the public.

  4. Eliseo Jr. P.Tenza on

    This case brought up to the Ombudsman by Atty. Bondai, sometime in July 2014.
    There has been no report of action from the Ombudsman that I have heard of up to now. You may call the Senate sub Committee hearing any name you want, and you may call any names you want of the 3 Senators conducting the hearing, but without them we would never known of the corruption of Mr. Binay. It is true that these are all allegation to be tried in the Courts, but when will this happen?
    I agreed with Sen. Santiago to stop the investigation so that the ombudsman can take over, but according to Sen,Trillanes the report has been submitted to the Ombudsman. Yet, there has been no news from the Ombudsman.
    There are other cases being investigated by the Sub committee, that will expose more corruptions by Mr. Binay. To the 3 Senators, keep on doing the investigations so that the Pilipino people will know the real personality of these man who wants to be President.

  5. mikhail hieronymus on

    I agree with Guadalupe. These three Stooges, Larry, Mo and Curly are making the Senate the laughing stock of the people. Everybody can see that except them.

  6. In a constitutional amendment, the first priority should to replace this unworthy Congress ( Senate and House of Representatives) with People’s Congress with the duly elected provincial governors and city mayors as the people’s representatives. Convening at an appropriate schedule and being paid only honoraria will greatly reduce cost to the government. No need for any pork barrel since each province and city are already allocated with their respective infrastructure budgets as endorsed by the regional development councils for implementation the concerned executive departments. Saying these thieves as people’s representatives is a misnomer and insult to those who erred in electing them to their lofty position. This current Congress is a den of thieves, puppets and political charlatans motivated purely by personal ambition and thirst for power.

  7. Trillanes, Cayetano, and Pimentel, (also known as the 3 stooges) are taking taxpayers money and spending it on political attacks. This committee should be abolished. If the Senate cannot or will not fix this, then the Senate should be abolished.

  8. I’d like to comment on Guadalupe’s suggestion to let the Ombudsman do her job to investigate allegations against VP Binay. To Guadalupe, I’ve read some of your past comments regarding some articles in this newspaper and I agreed with your previous posts but not on this one. If we Filipinos would just wait for the decision of some court cases, we’d be waiting for a Haley’s comet or the discovery of another planet. Meantime, while waiting, the corrupt official/s get the loot, live a luxurious lifestyle with their families up to the 4th generation while the poor and marginalized wallow in poverty, enslave themselves working in inhumane conditions abroad and crime rate goes up day after day in our beloved country. Try to add the unjust practices of big business nowadays and you get a complete picture of the Philippines as the “best in the pagpag” business.

  9. Another question i have for you, do any of you trust sotto, just look at him, i think he looks untrustworthy & remember back only a short while when he was caught plaigarising but to this day he refuses to accept he did anything wrong. & its the same with stealing money from the governments funds, they think its their right. Its always been that way & they want it to stay that way. To a certain degree they all look after each other.

    • Sotto wants it abolish because he doesn’t want the commitee to investigate for his corruption. He’s a corrupt & no an intellectual person..

  10. I saw trillanes speaking on tv just last night & he said already they have passed on to the ombudsman ( i think ) the evidence they already have on binay. I dont think they have told us everything they have on him & want to bring it up if & when they can get binay into the senate in front of the committee. But he wont go there as he knows they have evidence against him. So now if after all this is over we find binay was on the take & is very corrupt & a liar & a cheat & a thief will you not then say they were right in going after him. I want all corrupt officals whoever they are caught & jailed. I care about the poor & working class people in this country & its these corrupt officials whoever they are who are keeping them poorer than they should be. Its them who are keeping the people of this country down whilst elevating themselves & their own families & friends & co horts, catch them all & jail them all. This country can then start to improve, but until you do that it wont.

    • The Philippine government should built a maximum prison in one of the island just like Alcatraz for all corrupt politician that will go to jail. I hope bobotantes will open their mind & look for the better future of their children & grandchildren. I’ve been out of the country for a long time & I see the deterioration of Philippines. Stop putting actresess, actors, entertainers, sports figures & corrupt politician in the government. Start putting intellectual & uncorrupt people in the government.

  11. I strongly disagree with this article. I am apolitical but I see the great and diligent work of the senate sub committee senators in digging and exposing the truth behind the Binay issue. Tatad and Sotto are very wrong!

    • I agree with you. They want to abolish it because they’re afraid that they will get investigated. They are corrupt politicians themselves.

  12. alam naman nating lahat na bobo itong si tito sotto. na flagiarist tong hayup na to at walang karapatan sa politika..kaya wag na sanang pina-publish pa ang opinyon nitong si sotto at nakakasira lang ng araw..nakaloko na to and hindi na siguro makakaulit pa.

  13. Who is willing to listen and believe in this Senathief Tito Sotto? Based on our observation, Tito Sotto sounds oppositionist but when push comes to shove, he aligns himself and obey what PNoy wants. Good example, the Corona Impeachment Trial. Because he does not know what to decide, he simply followed the lead of Enrile and their group went out overwhelmingly against Corona. Why, because he and his group under Enrile already knew about the incentives (bribe) PNoy promised thru Drillon that they will be amply rewarded if Corona is impeached. In short, Sotto and his like are all the same, the more money for them, via their positions, the better.

  14. Mr. Sotto , why don’t you just file any bills so you can help the Filipino people. To tell u the truth I don’t know why the bobo voters elected you to be senator again.

  15. The longer we see the faces of Trillanes, Cayetano and Pimentel, on TV, the more we are reminded of who not to vote for come election time. These 3 are pathetic creatures who are just wasting our time denigrating an official with insufficient evidence. Why cant they leave the Ombudsman to do her job. Cases have already been filed. Justice will be done. Trying hard lang these equally corrupt Cayetano, and Trillanes to promote themselves. But sorry, we are not buying.

    • Tanga ka rin. Kapatid mo ba si antonio ‘ tony’ tiu-(onggo). o’ anak ka sa labas ni ex-mayor binay?

      Isang tambak na ang ducomentong da la ni ex-vice mayor MERCADO,

      hindi kaparin naniniwala!

    • Dati idol ko yang tatlo ngayon kahit tutukan ako ng canyon di ko sila iboboto. Lalo na si binay.