Southeast Asian nations torch $1 billion of seized drugs


YANGON: Myanmar, Thailand and Cambodia torched nearly $1 billion worth of seized narcotics on Monday, a defiant show of force as police struggle to stem the rising flow of drugs in the region. The burnings, to mark the UN’s world anti-drugs day, follow another year of record seizures of narcotics from the remote borderlands of Myanmar, Laos, southern China and northern Thailand. An estimated $385 million was burnt in three official ceremonies around Myanmar on Monday, according to a senior police officer in the capital Naypyidaw. In Yangon, huge clouds of smoke filled the sky as authorities set fire to stacks of opium, heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine tablets worth almost $230 million. In Bangkok, Thai authorities incinerated some $589 million worth of drugs including 7,800 kilograms of yaba pills and 1,185 kilograms of the more potent crystal methamphetamine.And in Cambodia, officials burned 130 kilograms of drugs estimated to be worth some $4 million.



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