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PLUS: Starlet tries to steal the spotlight from leads

What seems to be the trend nowadays is that superstars from each country in Southeast Asia are working to expand their careers in neighboring markets. Just this weekend, in fact, I got the chance to bond with some of the biggest names in the region.

One of them is award-winning singer-songwriter Yuna, whose music has been produced by Pharrell Williams. Her fashion has also been featured by Vogue to boot.

Yuna rocked Singapore’s biggest music festival in Fort Canning, Neon Lights, performing alongside millennial favorites Sigur Ros, Foals, Crystal Castles and a host of other acts. The two-day musical event gathered thousands of fans from all over the region, Filipinos included, of course.

Award-winning singer-songwriter Yuna

Award-winning singer-songwriter Yuna

Back to Yuna, even though she has jetted back and forth from the US and Malaysia since 2011, she was happy to get to work with the Filipino indie band Ransom Collective for a project, and realized she could also see what could be in store for her in the Philippines.

“I’ve been making music for close to 10 years now and the journey has been incredible! It’s so crazy because I feel like it’s just starting for me. I’m excited to share my music with my Filipino fans!”

Yuna even shared the secret behind her successful Asian career, which is also re­cognized in the US: “Just be strong, and protect your identity. There’s no one else like you and you need to realize that. I’ve struggled with mine for a long time and now that I’m older, I just know that I want to make music that I love, and be myself. You just have to enjoy the process without expecting anything in return.”

Before leaving for Neon Lights in Singapore on Saturday, In The Know chanced upon another Malaysian superstar Nur Fazura, who was also in town to shoot a single with Jason Dy titled, “Nothing Like Pag-ibig.”

Unlike Yuna who has never been to the Philippines, Fazura considers the country as her second home. “I’m here every two months; when I’m sad, I just visit the Philippines for instant good vibes! Hahaha! I am always in Makati.”

Fazura is known to some Filipinos from her regional show Facing Up To Fazura, which will go on its third season on E! Asia. Because of this stint, she also became friends with the Gutierrez family of Philippine showbiz, who also has a reality show on E! Asia, as well as Anne Curtis and Piolo Pascual.

Cornered about Piolo, the singer was quick to clarify, “He’s just a friend and nothing more.” Fazura and Piolo had been linked sometime in 2015 after they presented an award together in Malaysia.

‘In The Know’ (right) with Malaysian superstar Nur Fazura

‘In The Know’ (right) with Malaysian superstar Nur Fazura

Fazura who feels so at home in the country credits her Filipino celebrity friends for pushing her to spread her wings in local showbiz.

GUESS WHO? Respect. That’s the one thing this starlet is lacking!

At a news conference, Starlet caught the attention of the press the wrong way when she seemed to be unprepared for the event.

The entire cast of the movie had been asked to make a grand entrance before taking centerstage, but when Starlet’s name was called twice, she was nowhere to be found. A support anyway, the host continued the roll call, which of course should end with the lead stars. To everyone’s surprise, Starlet forced an entrance just as the male lead was about to be called, and even had the gall to sit her bottom on the main star’s spot! Talk about scene-stealer!

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