• Sowing seeds of violence


    Dear Sir,
    We may not be aware of it but for sure, the New People’s Army continues with its pockets of ambushes, attacks, extortion and other unlawful activities in the whole of Eastern Visayas. For sure again, NPA members “ay di nangingilin”, even if their own province is still in mourning and in suffering. These activities may go unreported but what they are doing will go back to them sometime, “karma”, or “gaba” in Ilokano.

    There are more soldiers, policemen, volunteers and government personalities in Eastern Visayas and perhaps, the (rebels) may plan attacks against those doing good for others. We are afraid for the safety of these dedicated workers, but definitely God will protect them, and the people they are helping will also help protect them from NPA violence.

    It is clear they have done nothing for their kababayan in the Visayas, and they as victims also benefited from government help.

    Ms. Soraya B. Litonjua
    Cagayan de Oro City


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