Spain gives more aid to PHL


It is a plus factor for PHL that the Spanish Foreign Minister is coming to sign a pact that enables the country to have fresh support on governance reforms and disaster risk reduction. The Minister’s coming this month is very welcome news for all Filipinos. His coming to sign a new Cooperation Framework Agreement with the Philippines is expected to “establish a new Spanish-PHL partnership in the next four years and anchored on a long term Treaty of Friendship,” as Spanish Ambassador Jorge Domeq had said.

The visit, the Foreign Minister’s first, is very timely because he will see developments in Tacloban and hold some political consultations with local officials. Disaster victims would be very happy that Spain is eyeing more development projects not only for them but possibly for some other areas. We thank Spain for the concern it has for and the aid it gives the Philippines, and for the funneling of some 28 million Euros for humanitarian aid since year 2007 supporting relief efforts like last year’s Bohol earthquake and last November’s supertyphoon Yolanda. Spain has also committed to beef up the training of more provincial disaster response teams in hazard-prone provinces.

We have close ties with Spain because of our history. Our relations with Spain dates back to hundred of years and they continue to help us in many ways.

Mrs. Esmeralda vda. De Viejo
San Lorenzo Catholic Association
Ligao, Albay


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