Spanish parliament votes down Socialist bid to form govt


MADRID: Spanish lawmakers on Friday voted down a bid by Socialist chief Pedro Sanchez to form a coalition government with center-right Ciudadanos, leaving the country’s parties with just two months to find an alternative to avoid fresh elections. Sanchez’s proposal was defeated with 219 votes against and 131 in favor, with only his own party, Ciudadanos and a tiny party from the Canary Islands voting in favor. It would have needed more assembly votes in favor than against in order to pass. His first attempt to win approval on Wednesday—which required an absolute majority of 176 votes in favor in the 350-seat assembly, a higher threshold—also fell well short of the mark after an acrimonious debate in parliament that highlighted the country’s political divisions. It is the first time that a candidate for prime minister has lost both confidence votes since Spain returned to democracy following the death of longtime dictator General Francisco Franco in 1975.



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