Sparkle and bloom


Jewelry are statement pieces that spruce up your whole shebang. The glitter and vibrant color of an accessory can catch the attention of anyone in a crowded room. Tim Tam Ong received a precious stone from her husband and from then on, she wanted to share the feeling of having wonderful memories in a piece of a jewelry.

Tim Tam Ong jewelries are one of a kind and the creativity in each accessory knows no boundaries. They take time and passion in creating a precious piece that every woman would love and appreciate. Not only that, these unique pieces are also crafted locally, promoting Filipino innovativeness and artistry.

Rare materials are carefully carved into elegant and stunning creations of jewelry that seemed to fit with the person as perfect as a puzzle. You’re bound to covet an accessory from her collection. Enhance your outfit and express yourself with glamorous pieces from Tim Tam Ong jewelries.

1. Trench Coat by Niu at Tryst Studio
2. Blue jumpsuit by Aeron Stuido at Tryst Studio
3. Neon Jumpsuit by Aeron Studo at Tryst Studio
4. Black dress by Aeron Studio at Tryst Studio
5. Blue overcoat by Niu at Tryst Studio
6. In The Land Before Time by Tim Tam Ong
7. Once Upon A Time by Tim Tam Ong
8. Tale in Time by Tim Tam Ong

Isa Franchesca Caiña


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