Speaker seeks probe into ‘Goldberg plot’


HOUSE Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez on Tuesday called for a congressional investigation into the “blueprint” allegedly drawn up by former US ambassador Philip Goldberg to undermine and oust President Rodrigo Duterte, calling the supposed plot “anathema” to democracy and a “subversion” of the people’s will.

Alvarez said Congress could invite members of the intelligence community and US Embassy staff to a probe in
January to dig deeper into the supposed plot, first reported by The Manila Times Chairman Emeritus Dr. Dante A. Ang in an exclusive story on Tuesday.

“Of course we cannot force them (US Embassy staff) but we will extend the invitation,” the speaker said.
Alvarez, as well as Foreign Secretary Perfecto Yasay Jr., said they were not surprised that the US would be involved in such a plot.

“I was not surprised. The United States always meddles…if it has no hold over a country’s president,” Alvarez said in Filipino.

Yasay told radio station dzRH he had been hearing of “serious threats” against Duterte from overseas, and that he wouldn’t put such activity past Goldberg, who was expelled by Bolivia in 2008 for allegedly fomenting civil unrest against the government of Evo Morales.

“It is not new for Ambassador Goldberg to be accused of such a plot,” Yasay said. “He should be a very important and influential person,” he said.

Yasay said The Manila Times report involved “a serious matter that we have to dig deeper into.”
“I would not take this threat lightly,” Yasay said.

Goldberg, according to The Manila Times story, said “political actors (the opposition) would need all the political weapons in their arsenal to replace the Duterte administration and replace it with something more to the opposition’s liking.”

Goldberg allegedly urged the US government to employ a combination of “socio-economic-political-diplomatic moves against Duterte to bring him to his knees and eventually remove him from office.”

Duterte and Goldberg had a rift before the latter ended his stint in Manila in October. Duterte badmouthed Goldberg for the envoy’s criticism of his joke during the election campaign about the 1989 rape of an Australian missionary.

Serious consequences

In a statement on Tuesday, Alvarez said of the ouster plot: “If true, this has serious consequences not only on our country’s political stability but also on the economic and social fabric of our nation. It would also have grave repercussions on our relationship with the United States.”

“In view of this serious allegation I am calling for a congressional investigation to find out if there is basis to this reported ouster plot against President Rodrigo Duterte,” he said.

The plan, if carried out, would constitute a violation of Philippine sovereignty and would be tantamount to subversion of the Filipino voters’ will, Alvarez said.

“That is anathema to the gospel of democracy the US government, especially under the administration of President Obama, has been preaching to the world,” he said.

Ako Bicol party-list Rep. Rodel Batocabe, a Duterte ally, said there might be difficulty in inviting witnesses.

“Such probe might face a blank wall since we cannot invite US embassy officials and/or operatives as witnesses just like Jaybee Sebastian, or in the event that they snubbed us, we cannot arrest them just like what Congress did to [Ronnie] Dayan,” Batocabe told The Manila Times.

Non-intervention principle

Alvarez cited a United Nations declaration adopted in 1965 that provides that no state has the right to intervene in the affairs of another.

The US, he noted, is a signatory to the 1933 Montevideo Convention on the Rights and Duties of States, which upheld the principle of non-intervention.

Yasay urged critics to allow Duterte to finish his six-year term.

“He was voted by our country, by an overwhelming majority. Let’s give our President a chance,” he said.
Alvarez pointed out that Duterte had no plans to cling to power.

“Removing him from office won’t be such a big thing for President Duterte. But I’m sure he would not stand idly when he sees our people suffering if our economy crumbles as a result of such US machinations,” Alvarez said.


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  1. False Flag, This is truly the mark of a dictator. The world is against me… The US is attempting to harm me… The US is bad very bad… Communist China and communist Russia is good… US is bad… This is something very expected from a dictator. They all seem to do it… they drive their countries into the ground and then blame somebody else.. There is always somebody to blame… Our economy is in ruins… the US did it… China has just taken our land…. the US did it… The UN condemns Duterte… the US did it… The fact is the country as a mass murder as president… The world is concerned. The economy is starting to feel problems… people are getting tired of the death toll.. The only thing du30 has gotten is promises of loans from the communists. Soon he will have his secret police to insure nobody speaks out against him or the government. Politicians who speak out will be shamed or slammed with false charges, newspapers that carry the wrong messages will be attacked… OH WAIT that is what is happening right now….

  2. George PalaItot on

    “‘yo, PUNK, got problem with that?”, most likely the only ‘diplomatic response you can get from the goold old US of A.

  3. Then historically this Goldberg guy has been involved in such a plot. Of course he is not alone. He probably considered as fall guy if it so happened it will leak to media, or it is part of it; inciting chaos and divisiveness–which is part of the the blue print. Take into account the bloody dispersal by the protester in US Embassy, I think it already started, just like what Leni Robredo is saying. So it is up to you 16 million who voted for Mr. Duterte.

  4. This is all gossip and paranoia from Duterte’s admin. I am sure it is true the U.S. would rather not have Duterte in power. In fact, that should be expected considering the inflammatory statements by Duterte, including calling President Obama a son of a whore. The US government is not interested in dipping its hands into the PH internal affairs. But, the US is interested in eliminating ISIS, which appears to be growing in Mindanao. Perhaps the Duterte administration should concentrate on ISIS rather than the USA as the enemy.

  5. Minumulto lang ninyo ang sarili ninyo. Sabi ni Pres. Duterte noon bakla si Goldberg, ngayon destabilizer naman ni Digong. Kung mangyari man yan na mapatalsik ay kayo-kayo na rin ang nagdulot. Sinayang lang ni Digong ang political capital niya:- nalusaw dahil sa kabastusan at kawalang respeto sa buhay ng mga kapus..

  6. These crazy congressmen are just wasting our money on their useless investigations. Mga B. S. talaga.Paranoids.GRRRR. Totoo sana.He he he.Saka pauwiin na mga anak ni wasay sa U.S. Sinisiraan niya U.S. iyon pala sarap tira doon animal talaga,putang ina pa.

  7. If proven true which of course believable, we should close the US Embassy to stop their meddlesome affairs in our country. They are not helping us. There are so many countries willing to do business with us and also to align politically for instance, China and Russia, Japan and South Korea, etc.

  8. It is not unusual. Similar to what the Allies pushed in assassinating nazi’s top 3 in Prague. They pushed the underground movement to kill him, and knowing that there will be retaliation, they voided the treaty of 1938? But all resistance fighters’ lives lost. The US might need a blood sacrifice or blood bath from a leading opposition figure (Leni?_) to accuse Duterte, and eventually push for his ouster.

  9. Alejandro Tercero on

    The US State Department is the culprit to all these things. They invaded Iraq because of alleged weapons of mass destruction which later was found out did not exist. They killed Noriega of Panama, killed Gaddafi of Libya with the NATO, and in 1986 ousted Marcos of the Philippines due to his gold. Now they are onto Duterte because he will not bow to them.

    “Alvarez cited a United Nations declaration adopted in 1965 that provides that no state has the right to intervene in the affairs of another.”

    I wonder if this UN declaration ever exist.

  10. Could Goldberg have been assigned to the Phils. because the State Dept. and CIA knew that there was another potential Evo Morales alike that will be elected in DU30?. Golberg had been kicked out in a couple of Latin American countries for being an agit prop to replace Presidents not controlled by the US. Of course the State Dept. and CIA will deny the ouster plot as SOP. They have kicked out Marcos, put into power Cory(later annoyed by the RAM) and steady Eddie. They booted out lover boy Erap for sounding nationalistic and put into power the western oriented economist Gloria. She too was booted out for reaching out to China and was replaced by a real puppet in Pnoy who exactly was a hands on president- he had a hand eating hot dogs in downtown New York and tried out the latest computer gadgets in US, thrilled like a child. So DU30 won by a wide margin (that includes my vote,haha), and could have been wider if not for the hocos Picos . Goldberg was sent home from a failed sinister mission to stop the DU30 election by hook or by crook. Would Trump give Goldberg and the CIA allow them to execute this plot to destabilize the Phils.and DU30?. Abangan. In the meantime, I don’t think so. So here’s to a Happy New Year for the Philippines, the Land of the Free and the Home of the brave DU30!, yeheeey!

  11. This is an obvious deliberate leak from the US Embassy. The motive is most likely to distract from the real plot to oust Duterte. One thing we can be certain of is, Duterte’s ouster is imminent.

  12. Duterte must take this warning seriously. He ought to swallow his false pride and arrogance. There are 110 million Filipinos still waiting for the best of him.

  13. They are going for an investigation for what? In aid of legislation? At the end of the day, what are they trying to accomplish? Do they want to:
    1. Accuse the US of meddling our political affairs, and then, recommend to sever the ties of the two countries?
    2. Abrogate the Mutual Defense Treaty and become a solid ally of China?
    3. Put to shame the US, so that they will be forced to release the needed Aid?
    4. Shun the US, to further the Administration’s interest for a dictatorial rule?
    5. Show to the world that we Filipinos are good entertainers and performers of Sarsuela, and that we deserve equal treatment from them. LOL!

  14. Duterte started calling Goldberg a “gay son of bitch”. In my humble opinion he’s looking to kick Duterte in the teeth for those slanderous remarks. I have a hard time believing the US is considering an overthrow of the Philippine Government. It’s just not worth the effort…given the US already sends business and aid to the country for nominal return in investment. But it’s true that the two countries fabric are deeply intertwined. So many good Filipinos live in the US, so many Americans have married Filipinos and send remittances overseas, and so many senior politicians in the Philippines have extended family in the US.

  15. Bert O. Romero on

    The Speaker’s suggestion is a commendable one. It is a must that the purported author of the plot, Ambassador Goldberg, be invited so he can unravel this sinister and dastardly scheme. Meanwhile, Speaker Alvarez and Secretary Yasay should be extremely vigilant in insuring that gifts intended for President Duterte are not poison laden as what the CIA had ingeniously perpetrated against Cuba’s Castro in the 50’s and 60’s, Iran’s Mossadegh in 1953, Iraq’s General Kassim in 1961 , again Iraq’s Saddam prior to 2003. Not to mention other assassination plots hatched against other political luminaries like Viet Cong’s Ho Chi Minh, Sandinistas’ Ortega, Hugo Chavez and others who dared raise their voices against imperial USA. Yasay in particular should be more strident in defending the country’s foreign mispolicies if he does’nt want to lose DFA’s mantle of leadership sooner than the lapse of one year after the May 2016 presidential elections. Anyway, he has already done an excellent job mangling what foreign policy is and what it is not.

  16. Did this newspaper ask the US Embassy to comment on the report? It is, after all, a damning thing for the US ambassador to have done – and very sloppy that the report would have been leaked. It seems strange that the Inquirer, Star and Business World are not carrying this story. This causes me to wonder if the alleged report by Ambassador Goldberg does, in fact, exist.

    • Of course the mainstream media like the Inquirer, Star, and Business World will not carry this news item. Do you realize that these newspapers always comes out with Headlines which put DU30 in bad light. Do you likewise realize that there is a common investor in all of these newspaper which is MVP. These newspaper comes out with slanted news and fake news to destabilize the DU30 administration and makes them a suspect as part or participant in this Regime Change being organized by Goldberg.

      MVP is a suspect to have an ambition as President. This is the primary reason for his getting into the sport of basketball because he can easily get into the heart of the MASA due to their fanaticism in this sport. Likewise, MVP is a financial patron of Ateneo and it has been demonstrated that this school leads and actively participates in any movement against DU30’s administration. MVP also controls the basic public services and needs of the people which the electricity, water, and telecommunication. Any uncontrolled increase in the rate charge to the users of these service companies will definitely have a destabilizing effect on the present dispensation.
      MVP seems to be the man of the hour politically by the opposition and he knows it. It’s not Leny, because she doesn’t have the resources. The Aquino’s and the Cojuangco’s are finished politically and had left a bad legacy. Roxas has been proven to be non-winnable, with two major election haunting him, VP and the Presidency. This is the reason why MVP’s broadcast and print media is already on the rampage destroying potential rival like the Marcoses.

      MVP’s political ambition will certainly have the support of the Elite, Oligarch, and the Church because they consider him as one of them and they look up to him as their messiah which will let them control back the power.. Using his vast resources available to him makes him a very dangerous and formidable opponent.

    • The media entities you mentioned can report without hesitation when a hearsay is thrown, why don’t you ask them first? Manila Times is far credible than the tabloid-type Inquirer, Star and Business World who are paid or under the control of the oligarchs in cahoot to destroy our President? In short, question your prestitutes first?

    • John Silverman on

      Well said, Where exactly is this “Blueprint”? Maybe this is simply another propaganda piece created to stoke anti-american sentiments. The Duterte administration and their loyalist media partners must be smiling tonight.

    • George PalaItot on

      hey boy, if it’s true what you gonna do, declare war, boycott USA, trade sanctions? oh wait, ask Pinoys to go home and enjoy the beautiful country called Philippines, hah boy?

  17. Thank you Mr. Alvarez! Sana magawan niyo ng paraan ang mga taong gustong magpatalsik sa Pangulo para mas madali ang pagsulong ng ekonomya ng Pilipinas. Ok lang mag criticize basta ba may suggestion din kung paano mapaganda ang ating bayan, ang kaso ang mga ibang tao jan, iisa lang ang gusto, yan ay mapatalsik si President at ipalit si Leni.Gising na oy!

    • Why are so many Filipinos quick to forget all the good deeds done by the US? The anti-american slander is rampant in the Philippines lately.

  18. Ganyan ba ka istupido si Goldberg? If it is true that he wrote the blueprint then Goldberg knows that it will be leaked to the media and exposed to the public,what are his motives in exposing this poison among us filipinos?It is well known from the past that uncle Sam meddles in our affairs from Gen Aguinaldo to the present Digong administration, unleashing “aswangs” to fight the communist and phantom jets to save Cory and stop the ultra rightist from taking over the government.On the other hand, it might be the handiwork of major powers interested in driving further wedge and more Fuck yah from Duterte or from the yellow brigade, defanged and became inutile from this dispensation wanted a piece of cake and eat it too.Meanwhile,let us build our nation and future in our own nationalistic way.

  19. Obama delusion of grandeur saying that he could have won the third term as President is ” laughable” which clearly shows how he wish badly to cling to power, but Americans finally realized that he’s after his own merit, as he said during the campaign ” Your vote for Hillary will preserve my legacy.” .. A President Trump who cares deeply of the peoples interest regardless of color , is something Filipinos could look forward to, come Jan. 20. 2017 And because Pres Duterte love his people and his country just like Pres. Trump.,their dedication to work harmoniously for the common good will be very successful..

  20. AS usual, the U.S. government will dip their hands into everything to keep on the power. Goldberg have been a concern before because he was kicked out of Ecuador because he organized a group to dispose of the President so he can place their choice.