Speaker threatens to impeach Robredo


HOUSE Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez on Friday threatened to file an impeachment complaint against Vice President Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo for undermining the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte before the international community.

Vice President Robredo

The threat came on the same day Alvarez and presidential spokesman Ernesto Abella claimed Robredo could be behind Thursday’s filing of an impeachment complaint against Duterte, by arguing that she would benefit from the President’s ouster.

The Davao del Norte lawmaker and Malacañang also scored Robredo’s video message before a United Nations meeting on illegal drugs in Vienna, Austria on March 16, where the Vice President spoke out against Duterte’s anti-drug war and the so-called “palit-ulo” scheme, wherein the police would take a member of the family of a drug suspect without a warrant if the suspect didn’t want to surrender.

Alvarez claimed Robredo had betrayed public trust by maligning the Duterte government.

“I am studying it (filing an impeachment versus Robredo). If I find enough evidence to prosecute here, we have to see if it can stand trial before the Senate [impeachment court],” Alvarez said in an interview over CNN Philippines.

“In my lifetime, this is only time that a high-ranking government official brazenly maligned our country before the international community. What will be its economic effects?” Alvarez added.

An impeachment complaint needs an endorser from the ranks of House members for it to become a verified impeachment complaint. The majority of the members of the House justice panel would have to vote that the verified complaint is sufficient in form and substance before it is subjected to plenary debate.

At least 98 or a third of the House members would need to vote in favor of the impeachment complaint to hale the respondent before the Senate impeachment court.

Reacting to Alvarez’s threat, Rep. Gary Alejano of Magdalo party-list, who filed the impeachment complaint against Duterte, said: “That is Speaker Alvarez’s way of deflecting the issue away from Duterte and cover his crimes in the bloody war on drugs.”

“Filing an impeachment against [Robredo] because of her speech before the UN is clear indication that this administration does not accept criticisms, a mark of a dictator,” he added.

Alejano says Duterte should be ousted for the killing of 7,000 drug suspects, the Davao Death Squad’s execution of 1,400 individuals when Duterte was Davao City mayor, hiding wealth of as much as P2.2 billion, and hiring 11,000 ghost employees at Davao City Hall.

Afraid of recount?

Earlier on Friday, Alvarez accused Robredo of seeking to impeach the President, claiming the Vice President was raring to oust Duterte.

“Definitely, she’s behind it (impeachment complaint). Who else would benefit from that?” Alvarez said.

“It is so clear. She even made a video speech for the United Nations, complaining about what is happening to our country,” he added.

Alvarez also claimed the Vice President was afraid of a recount of the votes for the vice presidential race and lose her post in the process.

Robredo beat former senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. by 263,473 votes in the May 2016 polls. Marcos has a pending protest versus Robredo’s victory before the Presidential Electoral Tribunal.

Robredo’s camp refuted Alvarez’s claims, saying the Vice President does not want to involve herself in any impeachment bid.

“What the Speaker said is false, and the Vice President and the public knows that. Even Representative Alejano said that it was Magdalo group who is behind the impeachment and the Vice President has nothing to do with it,” Georgina Hernandez, spokeswoman for Robredo, said in a television interview.

Hernandez also dismissed the claims of the President’s allies, led by Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo, that Robredo shamed the country by raising the issue of the bloody war on drugs before the United Nations.“The victims of the war on drugs have sought the help of the Office of the Vice President over their plight because they fear the police, and we have asked the Department of the Interior and Local Government and the Philippine National Police to respond to such claims of the victims way back January 24. Our office, however, is yet to receive any response,” Hernandez pointed out.

“What we are just saying here is for the administration to live up to its promise that they will investigate these extrajudicial killings; rid the police ranks of corrupt ones; and make the perpetrators of extrajudicial killings accountable. This is not about shaming our country. What the Vice President said were facts, and the public have known these facts for so long because they were already raised by various organizations ahead of us,” Hernandez added.

‘Pathetic stateof affairs’

Malacañang on Friday also linked Robredo to the impeachment complaint filed against President Duterte, which it said was part of an attempt to destabilize the government.
In a statement, presidential spokesman Ernesto Abella said it was more than coincidence that Robredo’s video message critical of the administration was released around the same time as the filing of the complaint.

“While the President previously ruled out the Vice President’s involvement in any destabilization attempt, the release of her UN video message lambasting the administration’s war on drugs before an international audience and the filing of an impeachment complaint at the House of Representatives which happened on the same day, seems too neat to be written off as mere coincidence,” Abella said.

“If it is not her personal intent, she may have played into the hands of those who wish to use her as a political animal. Either way it is a pathetic state of affairs for her,” he added.

The Palace has insisted there was no basis to impeach Duterte, saying the President was not guilty of culpably violating the Constitution, engaging in bribery, betraying public trust, and committing graft and corruption and other high crimes.

On Friday, Abella called the impeachment complaint against Duterte the latest move in an “orchestrated effort of a well-funded destabilization campaign.”

“That Alejano filed his case on the last day of the Congressional session, secures him a whole month and a half to malign President Duterte without being challenged by fellow legislators. This campaign has provoked abrupt reaction and unwarranted threats from the European Union, spooked by the so-called ‘rights reports’ from high-handed NGOs; and a video at the UN that baselessly pillories the Philippine National Police,” Abella said.

“The instigators of this cynical campaign include senators and higher officials who attack the very institutions fighting the crime and contraband that tripled during their term. These are apparently desperate acts to protect their threatened vested interests,” he added.



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  1. Dino Manrique on

    Kapag itinuloy ni Pantalon ang balakin niya, yan ang pinakamalaking pagkakamaling gagawin niya. #AmateurTime

  2. Robredo has nothing to lose since she’s not the real winner in last election. Funny thing that comes to my mind is what if both Duterte and Robredo are impeached? Who take over? Senate President and House Speaker? And if Robredo is impeached, I do not think Marcos is the one replacing her unless Marcos wins his electoral process which is a long shot.

    • Senate President Coco Pimentel most likely being the 3rd Highest Position in Government. Atleast no YELLOW LIBERAL should be in power or Philippines is Doomed.

  3. Face the storm coming, jughead VP. You are already one step away, then you allowed yourself to be used by others without thinking, what do you call yourself? Your rating was so high, majority believes in you, and then you did this video without thinking, stupid!

  4. I second the motion sana itong admin ni pres digong ay totohanan na wala ngak ngak tuluyan yan magugulo para naman matakot na sa batas ang mga animal na magugulo, kung kailangan ilibing ang mga ilibing na sayang oras mga kabayan anak ng titing ilang dicada na tayo umaasa na may pag babago sa atin gobyerno hangang ngayon puro ngakngak walang asenso kayo kung ako kay digong lahat ng magulo ay itabi or ikulong sa kulongan walang bintana at walang pito period. ng sa gayon ang ating bansa naman ay umusad na anak ng kwago haizzzzzzz !!!

  5. We have a VP who has nothing tp contribute to the country. All she does is harm the PH reputation on the international scene. She has definitely harmed the economic prospects of the country.

    • Well, you have a lot of politicians that has nothing to contribute to your country and are only self serving. That is why the Philippines had become a narco state.

    • @mina…. If Liberal Party eg. 2 Highest Position Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo did win, definitely 100% Philippines become NarcoState Capital in Asia/World.

      Thankfully the President position was won by a non-Yellow Liberal Party and is now cleaning up the mess left by them.


    Duterte ousted! Robredo Impeached ! Pimentel is very very happy. He should orchestrate both. Abangan.

  7. Pensador de Manila on

    I did not have any personal encounter with Vice President Robredo; her husband Jesse Robredo, yes, I did have during that time I did play basketball in the summer fest basketball in the City of Naga in my stay there of a few years. I know Leni Robredo only through personal information from among friends of mine in Naga City. To make the story short, they told me that she is a person of a kind heart with the good spirit rooted towards the upliftment of the poor, intelligent and honest. If Vice president Leni Robredo is now being hunted by the house speaker Pantaleon Alvarez who feels deem worthy to file an impeachment complaint to the congress on the ground based on the Vice president’s words, which are based on facts, my question is this: how should we now read the lies from the truth when the truth has been treated as lies? The Vice President Robredo told the UN family the truth behind government program to eradicate the illegal drug, but the way of taking it out is a way, way out of civil society. The killing of drug suspect and peddlers to eradicate illegal drug is really unacceptable means, besides drug addiction is a medical problem and should be medicated. I am not associated with the Yellow cult, nor to the Du30’s group who are hungered of power, but I think filing an impeachment complaint to the vice president for telling the truth to the UN Family is a signal where we are at now from the congress, senate and the office of the President.

    • Rafael Santos on

      Impeaching Ms Robredo is giving legitimacy to her assumption to the vice presidency which until now is just alleged pending result of vote recount by PET. She should not be impeached unless we want deemed as real winner in the vice presidential race between her and BBM.

    • Leni Robredo should be impeached, she betrayed our nation by giving false information to UN..”Palit-Ulo” scheme did not exist in our country..Ginagawa nya ito para maging presidente sya, may ambisyon pala syang maging presidente eh bakit sa vice presidency sya tumakbo? Hindi na tatahimik ang bayan natin hanggat may mga taong hindi marunong makuntento kung ano man ang meron sila sa ngayon.
      Pano kaya hinaharap ng mga anak ni VP Leni ang mga ganitong sitwasyon sa buhay nila, dahil lamang sa maling instensyon at pamamaraan upang makamit ang gusto mo.

      President Duterte’s administration is legitimate under the constitution and no one has the right to take that away from him,respetuhin nyo naman ang mga taong bumoto sa kanya at nagluklok bilang Pangulo ng ating bansa. Sa tingin nyo ba ay pahihintulutan kayo ng ating Panginoon na kunin ang posisyon na hindi naman dapat para sa inyo.. Huag nyong pag interesan ang hindi inyo!

    • ICC cannot do anything about Israel’s killing of Palestinians. It cannot do anything about US and its allies invasion of Iraq which brought about a fake WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION that Saddam supposedly possessed which was proven untrue until today. This invasion caused millions of Iraquis men,women and children death and a complete destruction of Iraq’s infrastructures. With this only two situations, do you think Leni Robredo’s video message will prosper? ICC is controlled by Superpower US which has the biggest contribution to it’s budget. US will cut by almost 50% it’s UN and State Department budget, this will definitely affect the performance of the ICC. US will only exert effort if it’s geopolitical interest and agenda is affected. Beside, this international political game, there is so much horse-trading that happens between the Superpowers that we are not privy off, it’s just the result of which that we see.

      To those who thinks that this video message of Leni Robredo will prosper are suckers to the word of this LOIDA NICOLAS LEWIS who is definitely involve in this because of the international nature of their approach. By the way, for those who still don’t know, Loida Nicolas Lewis supported the Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton last election who lost to President Trump. How is this lady going to lobby to the present US administration to pursue Regime change in the Philippines? which will run contrary to the present US non- regime change policy. Leni shot herself in the foot, this neophyte politician took the gamble because she is the benefactor of any regime change in the country, now, she has to take the consequences of her actions.

    • Meth addiction a medical problem and should be medicated? Where did you get such stupid reasoning?

      Addiction is a mental issues, and can only be solved if the person is dedicated to get out of it. Otherwise, they will always fall back. That is why in England they don’t give methadone unless the see the opium addict dedication to recover. The recovery process is not easy that is why the will power of the addict to leave it behind is very importance.

    • Father Christmas on

      What truth are you so blindly talking about? The VP has crossed the line and uttered great lies. She deserves to be impeached.

    • @Personador seriously!!! Such matters should first be brought through SENATE/CONGRESS/INTERNAL AFFAIRS/SUPREME COURT, we are a sovereign country!!! She violated the Philippine Constitution for telling the UN made up lies/accusation without factual proof(Typical of Yellow Liberal Party) even failed 2 times presenting 2 lying bastards Matobato & Lascanas in Senate by their Attack Dog Trillianes.

      She damaged our Country’s Reputation specially OFW’s who are working hard abroad!!! She said they are helpless/hopeless? Maybe 10% of the Yellows/their paid Puppets to destabilize the government to which they should just migrate outside the Philippines since they are the leech/termite to which caused all these greavances to the Philippines since 1986.

  8. VP Leni Robredo is treading on dangerous grounds unaware of the consequences. She was given all the chances to work with the incumbent government but she faulted it.

  9. I think its perfectly obvious that Leni Robredo hates the Philippines. She is only seeking her good and not the good of the country. Its what all her actions speak to. She has declared publicly that rather than be VP and work with the President she will lead the opposition against him. She is simply another politician seeking whats best for herself at the expense of the nation.