Speaker’s brother eyed as Customs chief?


“Power Corrupts and Corrupts Absolutely.” It is about time to clip the appointing powers of the Presideent. It is this power that whoever sits in Mala(s)canan that is the source of graft and corruption” na kung saan hinuhugot ng mga makakapal na mukha ng mga taga BOC at ng lahat ng kapal muks sa mga sangay ng gobierno.“ May I suggest that Congress enact a bill that will restore the promotion of carrer positions for promotion. The President should only appoint his cabinet official family and.justices of the supreme court but the Chief Justice should be elected by the 15 justices among the three most senior justices. Even in the Military, the president will appoint the flag officers but the flag officers should elect the AFP Chief of Staff and many more like in the PNP, NBI and even with the BOC where the Chief will be elected by the the deputy commisioners.. In this case the President will be free from burdened of appointment papers,” pakiusap ng mga kapartido, kamag-anak, kakalase, kabarilan, kapartido, at kongreso “and if there will be somebody to blame in the bureau, it is the the head of that bureau and not the President and let the law of attrition apply. Lastly, let us change the name of Mala(s)canan and transfer it to QC where most government offices are located.


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