• Speaker’s wife opposes quick marriage dissolution


    Emelita Alvarez, wife of House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez of Davao del Norte, is opposed to her husband’s proposal for a quick dissolution of marriage on ground of the catch-all phrase “unhappiness.”

    Alvarez, in an ABS-CBN news report, said her estranged husband’s proposal would be bad for women and children.

    “For me, this is not a priority bill. I am speaking in behalf of the Filipino people. I’m saying that the bill is biased [against women]. In the end, women end up the loser,” she was quoted as saying.

    “I’m talking as a mother. You give birth to a child. Who will take care of the child? Who is the home maker?” Alvarez added.

    Likewise, she disagreed to making unhappiness a ground for dissolution of marriage.

    “I would want to say, a married couple stays together for better or for worse. I was there during the worse times. As for the [times of]happiness, I can’t say,” she said.

    Speaker Alvarez’s girlfriend has been identified as Jennifer Vicencio who accompanies him even in official functions.

    The speaker of the House has eight children from three different relationships, including that with his legal wife.

    “There’s pain. I wouldn’t say there’s no pain because that’s being [a]hypocrite. But my faith is strong. I just leave it up to God. My relationship with him is legal,” Emelita Alvarez said.

    At one point when he was asked about being married and having a girlfriend at the same time, Speaker Alvarez answered, “Who doesn’t have a girlfriend?”

    Speaker Alvarez also said the country would run out of lawyers if married lawyers with girlfriends on the side would be disbarred for womanizing.


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