• Speaking English an advance for Filipinos


    tomi20160419Takashi Tomita believes the Philippines needs to improve its infrastructure system so it can attract more foreign investments and tourists.

    “Basically, Philippines is a very favorable country for investors, but unfortunately infrastructure for industrial [companies]and tourists are not yet well prepared,” he said.

    He cited the case of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, cited a number of times as one of the worst airports in the world and the region, where it is hard to find a taxi or a bus that can take tourists or foreign investors to their destinations safely.

    “For example, when you arrive in Bangkok airport, you can find a taxi very easily,” he said.

    Tomita said the inadequate taxi services from the airport make female tourists think twice about visiting the Philippines.

    “There are many females who go to Thailand or Vietnam because they feel relaxed there. Very few female tourists come to Manila, especially Japanese,” he added.

    But while it is very easy to find good taxi services in Thailand, Tomita said he finds it hard to get around in the country because Thais do not speak English as good as Filipinos.

    “For example, for the foreign investors it is very easy to do something here. But for example, in Thailand, I need to speak in Thai because if not, we cannot proceed to do anything. When you take a taxi, taxi driver cannot understand English. If you go to the market, no one can understand [English] too,” he said.

    “But here, everybody can understand English. And for the most of the foreign people here, at least they can understand English. In the case of the Japanese, they learn English from their school. That is big advantage,” Tomita added.


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    1. Philippines need to know a rich of natural resources but they ignored it due to a lack of knowledge how to operate and develop by the assistance of the government.