Special on St. Ignatius pilgrimage airs today


To continue its tradition of presenting Lenten television specials during the Holy Week, the Jesuit Communications Foundation (JesCom)—the media arm of the Philippine province of the Society of Jesus—will air today, Good Friday, “Sangandaan: Paghahanap kay Hesus sa Camino Ignaciano.”

A documentary about a group of pilgrims who retraced the route that St. Ignatius of Loyola took in 1522 in order to become a true soldier of Christ. Sangandaan airs on ABS-CBN at four o’clock this afternoon.

The special narrates the pilgrims’ spiritual odyssey and their compelling personal stories— from the time they set foot in Spain until the moment they all completed the 157-kilometer journey of faith.

Participants of the Camino Ignaciano walking retreat retraced the route that St. Ignatius took; they visited scenic towns and the churches where St. Ignatius worshipped

JesCom Creative Director Pauline Mangilog-Saltarin says that the documentary is going to touch a chord in everybody’s hearts.

“The pilgrims that audiences will see, they’re physically moving from point A to B. Much like in our lives, we’re always journeying regardless of what stage we are at. Ultimately, it is getting to know God more, connecting with Him that remains to be our main purpose.”

Sangandaan features the Camino Ignaciano walking retreat that was done from September 26 to October 10, 2017. The documentary shows picturesque landscapes and scenic towns, as well as the churches where St. Ignatius worshipped. The route concludes in Manresa, the town where St. Ignatius composed the “The Spiritual Exercises.”

Fittingly, it is paired side by side with scenes from “Ignacio de Loyola,” winner of the Best Film award at the Mirabile International Film Festival that was held at the Vatican.

“The different scenes from Ignacio are a good medium for the audiences to visualize what St.Ignatius went through,” explains Mangilog-Saltarin.

Each pilgrimage day begins with points for reflection from spiritual director Rev. Fr. Louis Catalan, SJ, who also guided the participants to do the daily Examen in order to “find God in all things.”

In effect, Sangandaan will serve as a “virtual pilgrimage” for viewers.

“We really hope that through their immersion in this virtual retreat, audiences will take to heart our various points for reflection, as we ourselves in the production team experienced first-hand how it felt to walk in faith, with God by our side,” ends Mangilog-Saltarin.

Sangandaan: Ang Paghahanap kay Hesus sa Camino Ignaciano is supported by Marly Camino, The Pilgrims’ Center and the Spain Tourism Board.


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