Spherical works highlights ‘ArtDecture’

Digital illustration of Joey Yupangco

Digital illustration of Joey Yupangco

MULTI-FACETED architect, industrial and interior designer Joey Yupangco opened his ArtDtecture exhibit on September 13 at the Galleria Duemila in Pasay City.

With the help of young architects Trix Liwanag and Mikee Silva, Yupangco’s exhibit features 10 spherical works, which uniquely created from foam board, innovatively using a cutting knife that yields both intuitively and deliberately to create layers of pieces that look simultaneously orderly and chaotic.

Ongoing until the end of the month, ArtDtecture represent abstract cities that are devoid of hierarchies, with the absence of any borders that allows viewers the freedom to see it from any perspective.

With their innovative and spherical works, the trio extrudes graphic-like illustrations from the spheres for a visual impact that is art, design, and architecture at once. Yupangco also takes the lines and angles created within the spheres and present them in sculptural forms made of oxidized steel.

Galleria Duemila is located at 210 Loring street, 1300 Pasay City. For more information contact 831-9990, or e-mail gduemila@gmail.com.


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