• Spiders force Suzuki ro recall US Kizashi


    WASHINGTON, D.C.: Spiders whose webs clog up fuel tank vents have forced Suzuki to recall some 19,000 2010 to 2013 Kizashi sedans in the US.

    Suzuki said last week that the arachnids can weave webs in a vent hose running from a car’s gasoline tank, blocking it and causing the tank to build up negative pressure as fuel is used. The result could be a crack in the tank and leaking fuel that poses a fire hazard, the company said.

    In the recall it promises to replace tanks where spider web clogs are found, or replace the evaporative canister vent line on other cars with a safer model.

    Suzuki did not say what kind of spider caused the problem, but in the past similar reports pinpointed the yellow sac spider, a poisonous species apparently attracted to gasoline fumes.



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