• Spirit of EDSA wasted – analyst

    MONUMENT OF PEACE  A worker cleans statues at the EDSA Monument, the site of the bloodless people power revolution in 1986. The country will mark the peaceful revolt on Thursday. PHOTO BY MIKE DE JUAN

    A worker cleans statues at the EDSA Monument, the site of the bloodless people power revolution in 1986. The country will mark the peaceful revolt on Thursday. PHOTO BY MIKE DE JUAN

    THIRTY years after the People Power revolt, the country has not fared better but the ideas and struggles that led to the first EDSA revolution are still alive, a respected political analyst said on Tuesday.

    Bobby Tuazon, director for policy studies of the Center for People Empowerment in Governance (CenPEG), on Tuesday noted that the EDSA revolt only led to the replacement of the Marcos regime by other factions of the political elite led by the Aquino family.

    “The spirit of EDSA and that of the struggle before it went to waste because of the inability of the succeeding administrations to address the reform calls in a significant way so that poverty, joblessness, landlessness and other social and economic maladies have either remained the same since martial law or have worsened,” Tuazon explained.

    He said the peaceful revolt that occurred in February 1986 should be viewed as the culmination of a political event mounted by the people after years of struggle against a dictatorship.

    “The struggle called for an end to martial rule, meaningful political and economic reforms, an end to elite rule, as well as justice to victims of human rights violations,” Tuazon added.

    According to him, the spirit of EDSA can still be felt in the resilience of civil society organizations and other grassroot groups in pushing for reforms that 30 years of various presidencies failed to address.

    Five presidents succeeded Ferdinand Marcos who was ousted in 1986 — Corazon Aquino, Fidel Ramos, Joseph Estrada, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and Benigno Aquino 3rd.

    Tuazon noted that even if the country continues to face problems on poverty, Edsa should not be forgotten.

    He said the Filipino youth can learn from the uprising and they should be aware that whatever democratic space they now enjoy was made possible by the thousands of martyrs who gave up their lives and careers in the name of democracy, referring to the victims of martial law.

    “The youth along with the rest of the nation should keep the torch of EDSA burning until democracy is fully attained and a brighter future is opened that would make human sacrifices a thing of the past,” Tuazon added.

    On Thursday, the country will commemorate the 30th anniversary of EDSA People Power.

    This year’s celebration will be attended by President Benigno Aquino 3rd, foreign diplomats, some EDSA heroes and people from all walks of life.

    “The celebration will pay tribute to the heroes who have sacrificed their lives for the country’s freedom and democracy,” National Capital Region (Metro Manila) Police Office chief Joel Pagdilao said.

    Government workers, members of civil society, military and police personnel will reenact the “salubungan” (converging) at the People Power Monument.



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    1. marcos has done so many things that fil. people are benefitting up to this time .. aquinos x2 , did nothing but mislead / deceit / and use the Fil. people for their own hacienda luisita agenda . sobrang garapalan ang ginawa ng mga aquinos sa mga pilipinos , kaya sana huwag magpatibong sa patibong ngayun ni abad atr Aquino et al

    2. People power main objective is to remove the dictator Marcos which succeded. The other factors like poverty , homelessness and others were not the objective. Do not think that it was the objective because that politicians that succeded Marcos did not do anything to solve these. Corruption that should have been remove is still very strong to thi date. There were no remedy to stop these poverty and corruption factors.

      • A misconception to say the least. The toppling of his government was the way or means of putting an end to the tyranny and abuses of his regime.
        You are correct that nothing was gained from it save from accolades from the rest of the world. We have been plunged to a deeper abyss under most of the succeeding governments except that this time abuses were more open almost blatant at times.
        How sad.

    3. Rolando Nolasco on

      I guess everyone has a share of its blame. There was never ay mention about people who have no means to raise their own children have become a burden to our economy. Graft and corruption ha never been addressed and many unfits get voted to office. Again people go after money of candidates. They care less about our country so corrupt politicians, in many cases the whole family lord over the people. Look at the Marcuse’s and Binary’s who seem to have no conscience at all are just few of the many. But our people never have been mentioned of their wanton abuse- living and destroying our environment as they put-up shanties anywhere they can and squat on private properties. Everybody has a share of the mess we are in.