• Spokesman of Corona now with Palace



    Karen Jimeno

    Karen Jimeno

    , the spokesman of the defense panel during the impeachment trial of former Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona?

    The lawyer who gave the impeachment trial a “pretty face” because of her good looks and eloquence, has jumped fences and is now working at the Palace.

    Jimeno was appointed media director of the Office of the Presidential Adviser for Rehabilitation and Recovery (OPARR) headed by former Sen. Panfilo Lacson. The agency is Sen. Panfilo Lacson. The agency is under the Office of the President.

    President Benigno Aquino 3rd was said to be Corona’s biggest public prosecutor and it was the President who prodded his allies in Congress to pursue the magistrate’s ouster.

    Jimeno was officially introduced to the media when Lacson appeared for a briefing in Malacañang on Monday.

    As Corona’s spokesman, Jimeno staunchly defended the then embattled chief magistrate who was accused of hiding ill-gotten wealth which were not disclosed in any of his statements of assets, liabilities and networth.

    Jimeno gave interviews and conducted press conferences to counter “media attacks” by Corona’s tormentors—the prosecution panel and the Palace.

    Asked how he finds Jimeno’s appointment, Presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda said he welcomes the entry of Jimeno into their team.

    “I have no problem with Attorney Jimeno. She is a professional,” Lacierda told The Manila Times.

    He said it was Lacson himself who invited Jimeno to work for the government.
    “She came on board with Secretary Lacson upon his invitation and that she knows that by being Secretary Lacson’s Communications Director, she can help communicate the role of OPARR in the rehabilitation of Yolanda affected areas,” Lacierda said.

    The rehabilitation of Yolanda-devastated regions is among Aquino’s top priorities and Lacierda said he sees nothing wrong with having a former “opponent” to do the talking and media coordination for Yolanda efforts.

    “Also on a personal note, we both came from the law firm of Quisumbing and Torres where we got the same rigorous training in corporate legal work although we were not there at the same time,” he added.

    In a text message to The Times, Jimeno said she was grateful for having been invited to work for the government and Lacson, who was among those who voted to oust Corona. She said Lacierda welcomed her very warmly and even gave tips on how to handle communications for OPARR.

    “When I spoke to Secretary Lacierda he was very helpful and gave me constructive suggestions. I didn’t consider Secretary Lacson as Corona’s prosecutor. He was a senator judge who rendered a decision based on his appreciation of the case. The OPARR is about helping the Yolanda affected people and communities get back on track,” she said.

    She added that her entry into Malacañang is not about politics or personalities.

    “ We should not lose focus on the fact that this is all about the Yolanda victims. For those who can’t or don’t want to help, then don’t. But don’t get in the way. I’m fortunate to work for a man who shares my view that we should all do what we can to help regardless of personal differences or affiliations. Helping fellow Filipinos recover is an aspect where the country should be united, not divided,” Jimeno said.

    She added that she knew that her becoming an official of the Palace would certainly raise eyebrows but maintained that it should not be an issue.


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    1. Arch.Angel(Lito) Lingan Mallonga on

      That is the right move of Sec. Ping Lacson of bringing Karen on board as he needs reliable people to help him in towards the rehabilitation not only for Typhoon Yolanda but all the damages that hit the Philippines last year. Nothing personal and I have great respect to this lady lawyer who is also a lawyer in USA. I have ask one of my group to get hold of her so we can help in the rehabilitation of Samar and Leyte specially Tacloban City.

      I am just surprise that there are move of relocating most of the people who got hit in Tacloban to another location. This is not the way to do it. As we all know most of them are fisherman and has been with the sea for a very long long time. Address the problem of those waves and create a better Buffer Zone of at least 3 stages to reduce those big waves. Our biggest problem in PH most are done on a quick fixed.
      I have a proposal that will work and used this as a model and start it with Tacloban. Remember that we have 7,100 plus island all surrounded by the sea. We will not have Tsunami but those strong waves that we have experienced at SAMAR, Leyte,
      Ilo-Ilo and Aklan. More massive reforestation be done as those coconut trees can not help as their roots are not deep enough to counter strong winds.

    2. well, she needs to work after corona impeachment whereelse she will go, she knew, it will be a gamble for her once a verdict against corona,. people sees you as an opportunist, trying to cleaned up a crooked justice wherein evidences she knew corona was a culprit but still she managed to depend corona even his wrongdoing defending the client that corona is clean, now, she needs to work, and its only her chance to proved that weder weder lang yan, she doesnt care what people would say, Delicadeza, doesnt care pocket needs her she has to work. pra mabuhay. back to u. guys.

      • Kung puede po sana mang Efren, sabihin na lang ninyo yong mga gusto nyong sabihin sa sarili ninyong salita dahil maling-mali po ang pasok ng gusto ninyong sabihin. Huwag po kayong magagalit. Diyos nawa ang gabay nating lahat. Meanwhile, I think Atty. Jimeno will do a great job as spokesperson of the Rehabilitation Agency and let’s all support her along with Ex-Senator Lacson who I hope, and pray, will perform regardless of the beneficiaries’ political affiliations. Moreover, I suggest that she be able to convince Pres. B(enigno) S(imeon) Aquino to discard his yellow ribbon and wear instead a Philippine Flag pin being president of not only the yellow crowd but all Filipinos. God bless us all.

    3. Yes, I noticed that pretty face last night In Solar News , now I recalled she is the lawyer who defended Corona. Now I believe she is wise since she knows joining with the goverment means more money on her pocket.

      • Rosauro Feliciano on

        Sometimes I am doubtful about the integrity of SOME lawyers because they have the ability to change black into white.

    4. I think it is too early to comment on what she did. Let us see what happens next. Trabaho lang naman, walang personalan di ba?

    5. Yung mga kritik eh ingit lang kayo kasi ganda Karen. Tapos na kaso Corona kaya hanap ulit trabaho ganun lang yon. Kaya lang bakit Abogado lagay kay Ping di ba dapat Engineer/Architect. Baka magaya kay Mar Roxas yan na puro abogado ang alalay kaya walang natapos kahit ano kaya Incompetent tuloy tawag sa kaniya.

    6. I see nothing wrong with that. The case is closed and Corona was impeached. Jimeno could work for any body. It’s her profession. However, there’s what’s called delicadeza and being ethical which she seems not to possess.

      • i dont see anything wrong either, baka mas magulat kayo pag nalaman nyo na si Josie Midas Marquez na ang First Lady ng Pilipinas……o, ano kayo ngayon, napaisip kayo kay Mr. Abnoy

    7. Only time will tell…………. but she is good! Hope she stays focused on her being honest and a professional now being in Public Service. Good Luck and more power to you Karen!

    8. rizal sychitpin on

      Jimeno has zero credibility. Her inclusion in Lacson’s team further destroys the integrity of OPARR.

      OPARR is now headed by Lacson who is a prime suspect in the Dacer – Corbito double murder case, while Karen Jimeno showed total lack of integrity & honesty during the Corona Impeachment Trial.

    9. Karen Jimeno She is “Balimbing” she presently work us host in one of the shows in Solar network Tv on channel 9,
      She needs money ,there are more money,more PDAP more holDAP in Aquino Adiministration. From now on we will call you a member of KAWATAN Family headed By BS Aquino “the Mastermind of all Scams. Ms. Jimeno you knew for the fact that SC Chief Justice Renato Corona was impeached by the Liberal Party crooks including Lacson because Corona was an “innocent man” They need a liar like you,welcome to their club Ms.Jimeno.

    10. With Karen being an employee of the palace it goes to say that in politics nothing is permanent. Only personal interest prevail. Or maybe Karen did not get enough client after the Corona impeachment.