The new Mazda CX-5 AWD Sport lives up to its SUV tag as it takes to an off-road track.

Mazda introduces its all-wheel drive CX-5 through off- and on-road action (the sporty 6 sedan tags along for the drive, too)
BERJAYA Auto Phils., the distributor of Mazda in the country, welcomed the rainy season by heating things up as it recently introduced the Mazda CX-5 All-Wheel Drive (AWD) Sport through a driving event. The company then followed this up with its new vehicle’s official launch and a display held last weekend at Bonifacio Global City.

The CX-5 compact sport-ute used to be sold only as a two-wheel drive model.

The CX-5 AWD Sport was previewed through a series of activities that pushed it—along with the Mazda 6 sedan—near its limits, as well as in a quick drive up to Baguio. But before heading for the famous mountaintop city, Berjaya Auto prepared a short, makeshift off-road trail at Clark Field in Pampanga—all muddy, sandy, grassy, uneven and with tight curves—on which to test the capability of the latest CX-5 variant on rough terrain. And the new all-wheel drive variant did prove its mettle over such surfaces as it conquered the trail seemingly in a breeze, the vehicle going over the various obstacles without requiring much effort from its driver.

For its part, the 6 confirmed its sport sedan traits in a gymkhana held on an open lot adjacent to the off-road track as the car showed its agility and precise handling in the tight course that called for quick steering, engine and braking responses.

Eco credentials
Besides their off-road mettle and handling, the CX-5 AWD Sport and the 6 are also packed with environment-friendly technologies. And one of the systems that make them fuel- and emission-efficient is the i-Stop, which shuts their engine off when the vehicle goes to a full stop, then immediately restarts them via a “combustion-start method.” The system makes the vehicles one of the—if not the most—economical in their corresponding segments.

In the 6, the i-Stop is complemented with the i-ELoop, which harnesses and stores energy from vehicle braking and deceleration, then redeploys the stored electricity to power multiple electrical devices in the car. This makes the car even more economical than the CX-5.

SkyActiv tech
Providing power for the CX-5 AWD Sport is a 2.5-liter SkyActiv-G engine that delivers 185 horsepower at 5,700rpm and 250 Newton-meter of torque at 4,000rpm. SkyActiv, by the way, is Mazda’s package of eco technologies rather than just the vehicle’s engine.

According to Berjaya Auto Phils. Marketing and Sales Director Japheth Castillo, SkyActiv is composed of three major technological improvements aimed at increasing fuel efficiency and engine output. The CX-5’s SkyActiv engine has a high 13:1 compression ratio, which improves efficiency and provides torque at low revs. Castillo said this leads to less fuel consumption but without sacrificing engine performance.

The Berjaya executive also noted that the CX-5 AWD Sport’s engine does not require high-octane fuel. “It can run well on regular unleaded 90 to 93 octane gasoline. This makes it more enjoyable to drive as people need not spend on expensive fuel,” Castillo said.

Mazda vehicles also have SkyActiv-Drive transmissions that lessen, if not totally eliminate, the loss of power during gearshifts. Castillo said that speed lag and fuel consumption are prevented through this automatic transmission whose torque converter and lock-up clutch help allow for smooth shifts, a direct feel and improved fuel efficiency.

Castillo added that the CX-5 AWD Sport has a lighter but more rigid body and chassis, thanks to the SkyActiv technology that makes all Mazda vehicles lighter by up to 100 kilograms or more compared to previous models, including those from competitors.

“Combining all these SkyActiv technology components—a highly efficient and high-compression engine, a smooth and speed lag-free transmission, a lightweight body and chassis—results in a fuel-efficient and fun-to-drive car,” Castillo said.

The Mazda CX-5 AWD Sport, which is imported from Hiroshima, Japan, is priced at P1.685 million. Deliveries have started this week.


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