Sport bike for scooterists – Kymco Super 8 150


D4---Kymco-Super-820160301Take Kymco’s ability to come up with unique model names and mix it with the Taiwanese’s natural facination with the number eight and you get a scooter named Super 8. Offered in different displacements, the Kymco Super 8 is one of the company’s best-selling scooters in the global market. Kymco Philippines initially introduced the Super 8 125 in our local market during a time when most Japanese brands only had 110-cubic centimeter to 115 cc scooters and it generated a cult following that remains strong up to this day. The Super 8 offered better performance due to the slightly higher displacement and good road presence because of its bigger dimensions. To further ensure customer loyalty, Kymco adhered to their “bigger is better” principle and came out with the Super 8 150. While chose to name their product after the number 8 because it symbolizes auspiciousness and good fortune, they don’t plan on leaving everything to luck.

The Super 8 150 is powered by a single cylinder air-cooled engine which produces 7.7 kw (10 horsepower) at 5,500 revolutions per minute and 10.6 Newton-meters of torque at 7,500 rpm.

Also, maximum torque is achieved at a higher rev range so you really have to open that throttle to get a move on. The Super 8 150 is by no means a crotch rocket but it does pack enough punch to let you have some fun while running errands.

The Super 8 150 runs on meaty 100/80 (front) and 120/80 (rear) 14-inch tubeless tires that offer excellent traction. Because of the wider contact patch, you will also be a bit more confident when leaning into corners. While its heft has an adverse effect on its straight-line performance, it did, however, helped the scoot in keeping its rubber-side firmly planted on the tarmac. The stability in handling is almost like that of a conventional motorcycle. Braking performance is adequate, with a hydraulic disc in front and a drum at the rear. A pair of five-way adjustable rear shocks help smooth out the bumps and I found the softest setting perfect for riding solo. You can easily set the preload if you plan to ride with a pillion regularly. The folding passenger foot pegs flips into position with a press of a button and it has a rubber patch for better foot hold.

The large bar-end counter weights not only evoke sport bike styling, they also keep vibrations at bay. The smoked fly screen is more aesthetic than functional but the wide leg shield provides great protection against mud splatter and road debris. It does have pointy parts on each side that kept meeting with my shin. I recommend wearing full track boots. However, if you’re planning on completing entire racer look with your choice in head gear, take note that the under seat compartment will only take an open face helmet.

The instrument panel is rather plain, with an analog speedometer and odometer, but you it has a digital clock that is quite useful for riders on tight schedules. A strip of LED bulb supplements a pair of big halogen lamps to ensure that you get home safely in case your itinerary extends beyond office hours…and if you happen to be that busy then the P 74,000 price tag will hardly make a dent on your wallet. For more information about the Super 8 150, visit


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