• Subaru launches Impreza

    Sport Hybrid in Japan


    Impreza-Hybrid20150630Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI), the manufacturer of Subaru automobiles, will launch an Impreza Sport Hybrid next month. The new Impreza Sport Hybrid is the second fun-to-drive hybrid from Subaru, following on from the Subaru XV Hybrid launched in 2013.

    The motor assist function of the hybrid offers smooth, linear acceleration that is teamed with sharp, sporty handling to bring out the distinctive enjoyment of driving a hybrid model while achieving fuel economy of just 20.4 kilometers per liter.

    Designed to make optimum use of the low center of gravity and superior weight balance that characterize Subaru’s unique Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive (AWD) layout, the electric motor and high-voltage batteries of the hybrid version are positioned for superb driveability.

    The hybrid model further enhances the appeal of the Impreza Sport lineup by embracing Subaru design values to achieve its own sporty, top-quality exterior look and a refined, up-to-the-minute interior style.

    Hybrid system and power unit
    The motor assist function facilitates both smooth acceleration and low fuel consumption. Meanwhile, the Symmetrical AWD layout of Subaru’s unique AWD hybrid system offers superb driveability.

    The energy management controls for the hybrid system batteries have been re-engineered to utilize regenerated energy at high speeds. Fuel economy has also been enhanced by altering controls to boost its regeneration frequency and make active use of battery power.

    A specially-designed lineartronic continuously variable transmission (CVT) incorporates the hybrid drive motor. Reduced friction and modified torque converter fluid characteristics have enhanced fuel economy while providing more direct driving sensation.

    Hybrid-spec EyeSight
    The EyeSight is included as standard equipment on all grades of the Impreza Sport Hybrid. Coordinated control of the hybrid system and EyeSight enables the Eco-Cruise Control function to make the maximum use of electric vehicle driving and regenerative braking when Adaptive Cruise Control is operating, thereby improving fuel consumption under everyday conditions.

    Packaging and utility
    Installing batteries and high-voltage components essential to the hybrid system, including the inverter and DC converter, as a single unit beneath the cargo space secures a flat, user-friendly storage for luggage.

    Driveability and comfort
    Suspension settings have been customized for the Impreza Sport Hybrid to ensure that it is fun to drive, achieving the perfect balance of agile sportiness and superior ride comfort.

    The 205/50R17 tires used on the gasoline model have been swapped for slightly wider, larger-diameter 215/50R17 wheels to achieve the very best balance between grip and fuel economy.

    Exterior and interior styling
    The Impreza Sport Hybrid has a strongly contoured front end that emphasizes the wide and low look exclusive to the hybrid grade, while new large-diameter tires and special side-sill spoilers create a dynamic, accented side view.

    The rear end has been designed to embody the distinctive functionality and innovativeness of the hybrid model, featuring a roof-end spoiler to enhance aerodynamics and low-energy consumption LEDs in the rear combination lamps.

    Inside, the Impreza Sport Hybrid has blue accents exclusive to the hybrid model, piano-black panels, and metallic trim combine to evoke a quality, up-to-the-minute feel.

    Top-grade model features silver Ultrasuede seats with blue stitching for even higher quality and refinement. Other popular high-spec features include power seats for the driver and front passenger.


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