The Srixon Q-STAR Tour golf balls


I have always been keen on Srixon golf balls and finally found the perfect model for me. For the average player, this will be a great golf ball to use. The Srixon Q-Star Tour golf ball is very good and should be just the ball for you.

In fact, this is really good for older players like me, or average players, for that matter. My swing speed has been slowing down. Sometimes I feel that getting old is in the way of golf.

Without enough practice, it literally slows down your swing speeds. It is fortunate that technology aids in compensating for these human factors.

The new Q-STAR Tour golf ball really feels great. It spins like a tour ball. The best feature for me is it performs best with average swing speeds.

Key Features
Srixon claims the following:
Total performance technology – it has a lower compression energetic gradient growth core. Easier to compress with lower driver spin for impressive distance and accuracy on full shots.

Urethane cover and spin skin coating – Soft feel and enhanced greenside spin control.

324 speed dimple pattern – it has a low drag design that improves flight performance for longer distance with more control.

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It produces long and accurate driver distance with very low driver spin, low sidespin, minimizing the effects of hooks and slices allowing golfers drive the ball more accurately.

Tremendous iron distance – the Q-STAR Tour is a top performer in mid-iron distance. It carries almost four yards farther on average than competitor balls.

Tour-Caliber green sidespin control – the Q-STAR Tour spins significantly more around the green than similar priced or more expensive multi-layer Ionomer cover golf balls.

This ball is really soft. You will definitely feel the softness whether you use a putter, wedge or a long club to make a full swing with.

The Q-STAR Tour’s urethane cover creates a buttery feel. It also gives a soft feel that seems to prolong the impact on the wedges. Making full shots with your longer clubs will also feel soft but yet explosive.

When using shorter clubs
I have gotten a sleeve of Q-Star golf balls, compliments of the Srixon shop at CityGolf driving range, Doña Julia Vargas Ave., Ortigas Center, Pasig City. I truly appreciate it and really thankful!

I have tried putting, chipping and pitching with it. Truly, it is a soft feeling golf ball with great spin and roll. I feel that I will be using this ball for the rest of my golfing years. How I wish I could have more. I am just kidding!

According to Srixon, the testing data about the Q-STAR Tour golf ball states the following.

“The Q-STAR Tour spins significantly more (+700 RPM or more) than the Wilson Staff Duo, Aerourner Pro, NXT Tour S, or e6 Soft. It was within 300-400 RPM of urethane-covered tour balls like the ProV1, B330 RXS, and Chrome Soft.”

When using longer clubs
My swing speed now with a driver is between 89 to 92 MPH. Actually, my swing speed was not significantly fast even before anyway. I reckon that this ball fits me perfectly.

So Srixon claims, a robot swinging at 85 MPH and 95 MPH, the Q-STAR Tour is longer than the Chrome Soft, Project A, B330 RXS, AeroBurner Pro, and Duo Spin. In addition, the Q-STAR Tour had the smallest dispersion at 85 MPH. With a 6 iron, it had the highest launch and longest distance.

My final say
The Srixon Q-STAR Tour golf ball is really good and I don’t have any doubts about it. It is the ideal golf ball for the average player with a tour soft responsive feel, great greenside spin control. You will achieve longer and more accurate drives. And finally, you will gain more iron distance with better flight stability in windy conditions.


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