The Srixon Z-Star and Srixon Z-Star XV golf balls


    I just made a golf ball review last week on the Srixon Q-Star Tour. It is definitely the ball of my preference. It is designed for players who prefer a tour feel and who want to maximize distance and spin control. Yes, it is definitely a very good ball.

    There are currently two solid core, multilayer, urethane-covered Srixon balls in the market: The Srixon Z-Star and the Srixon Z-Star XV. The cores, the dimple pattern and an upgraded cover coating were redesigned to improve friction on short shots.

    The top two models of Srixon’s tour-level combo are the Z-Star (3-piece ball) and Z-Star XV (4-piece ball). The specialized improvements aim to maximize performance.

    The key features
    Core: The three-piece Z-Star’s core is softer. The compression points had been made lower from 90 to 88.This was designed to improve feel, lower the spin and increase the launch angle.

    The dual core of the Z-Star XV was made larger. The E.G.G. (Energetic Gradient Growth) softer inner core is also now larger.

    The firmer outer core wentthrough a temperature process in a vacuum to make it firmer. It has 105 compressions to generate faster ball speed.

    A cross section of the Srixon Z-Star ball PHOTO FROM WWW.SRIXON.COM/US

    Dimple pattern: Both balls use a new 338-dimple pattern. It basically reduces drag for better and longer carry. The new pattern optimizes five dimple sizes. It has improved uniformity of the dimples against the surface coverage.

    Cover coating: On the surface of the urethane covers is a cover coating called Spin Skin. The new design is 13 percent softer than the previous version. This softer coating allows the cover to stretch more at impact to create greater friction and more spin on short greenside shots.

    According to Srixon’s Jeff Brunski, R & D director, “For our tour staff, they’re making the decision between Z-Star and XV based on approach shots and greenside. The guys that are really sensitive in those kinds of shots tend to be Z-Star guys because of a slightly softer cover and feel.”

    Brunskialso stated that, “while the high swing speed player may see more ball speed with the XV, certain of those players may get better launch conditions and end up hitting it farther with the Z-Star”.

    The Z-Star models are basically designed for elite players with swing speeds from 96 miles per hour and above.

    The Srixon Z-Star is an improvement of the previous version. It delivers decent premium performance as a lower compression ball. The XV delivers better distance performance better than competitors.

    The standard Z-Star has a softer feel and sound but spins and performs very similar to the XV. If you prefer the firmer feel off the XV, then XV isthe ball for you.

    The Z-Star and the XV work better for players whose swing speeds are 96 miles per hour and above. If your swing speed is 95 mph and below, you might as well choose the Q-Star Tour. It is a much softer ball but yet maintains the tour feel with maximum distance and spin control.

    The Srixon golf balls are available at all Srixon golf shops or Pin High golf shops.


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