Srixon Z565 Irons


It is sad to note that the Srixon Z565 Irons are not as popular as other brands like TaylorMade, Ping, Titleist, Callaway, Mizuno and many others. But, I can assure you; it’s one of a kind and one of the best in its class. This game improvement iron set does not even look like it has been designed for its class because of its looks and feel. But actually, they are great!

Front and back views of the Srixon Z565 Irons PHOTOS BY BUDDY DE JOYA

It was a delightful experience to have tested this model. With a graphite shaft, the club head really felt soft with a crisp clicking sound upon impact. It was light and really a breeze to swing with. The club head with the steel shaft gave me more feedback. It has retained its clicking sound upon striking the ball but it felt more like a blade. It would seem that the sound would make you perceive that the clubface is hard, but definitely, not at all.

The Z565s are forged hollow cavity club heads with a 1020 carbon steel body. It has an SUP10 face insert that allows the clubfaces to flex more at impact. The Z565s are actually smaller compared to the previous model, the Z545. The top lines are much thinner and the offsets are so much less than before. The club heads are basically designed to promote forgiveness, increase ball speed, raise the launch angles and produce the least amount of spin.

One major upgrade is the new Tour V.T. sole of the club head. This new sole design prevents you from digging the ground too much, therefore, lessens the tendency of having fat shots. This may not be noticeable by newer golfers but definitely more sensed by higher skilled players.

The Z565s come with a Miyazaki Kaula 8 or a Nippon NS PRO 980GH. The price range for the steel shaft is about P58,000, from 3 to PW, while graphite shaft is P63,000, from 4 to AW.

So, if you want to go for forgiveness, distance or an elegantly designed game improvement set of clubs, that looks and feels like it’s for better players, then this is the iron set for you. The Z565s are golf clubs you can be proud of and enjoy playing with.

To purchase or to test the clubs, call 6386779 or 09279945727.


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