• SSS death benefits: Who gets what?

    Persida Acosta

    Persida Acosta

    Dear PAO,
    What benefits shall be given under SSS to the family or heirs of a deceased member? Who among the family shall be entitled to receive such benefits?

    Dear Luisa,
    Upon the death of a member of the Social Security System (SSS), his beneficiaries shall be entitled to receive death and funeral benefits as provided under Republic Act (RA). 8282 or the Social Security Act of 1997. Section 13 thereof provides for the conditions for the awarding of death benefits, to wit:

    “SECTION 13. Death Benefits. — Upon the death of a member who has paid at least thirty-six (36) monthly contributions prior to the semester of death, his primary beneficiaries shall be entitled to the monthly pension: Provided, That if he has no primary beneficiaries, his secondary beneficiaries shall be entitled to a lump sum benefit equivalent to thirty-six (36) times the monthly pension. If he has not paid the required thirty-six (36) monthly contributions, his primary or secondary beneficiaries shall be entitled to a lump sum benefit equivalent to the monthly pension times the number of monthly contributions paid to the SSS or twelve (12) times the monthly pension, whichever is higher.”

    The primary beneficiaries referred to in the aforementioned paragraph pertain to the dependent spouse until he or she remarries, the dependent legitimate, legitimated or legally adopted and illegitimate children. The dependent illegitimate children shall be entitled to fifty percent (50 percent) of the share of the legitimate, legitimated or legally adopted children. In the absence of the dependent legitimate, legitimated or legally adopted children of the member, the dependent illegitimate children of the deceased member shall be entitled to one hundred percent (100 percent) of the benefits. In the absence of the primary beneficiaries, the dependent parents shall be the secondary beneficiaries of the member. If there be no such parents, the beneficiary shall be any other person designated by the member as his/her secondary beneficiary (Section 8(k), RA 8282). If no beneficiary qualifies under the SSS law, however, the death benefits shall be paid to the legal heirs of the member in accordance with the law on succession (Section 15, RA 8282).

    In addition to the death benefits, a funeral benefit shall also be paid to help defray the cost of the funeral expenses upon the death of a member, including, permanently totally disabled member or retiree (Section 13-B, RA 8282). This benefit, however, shall be given to whoever pays the burial expenses of the deceased member or pensioner (https://www.sss.gov.ph/sss/

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    1. namatay ang tatay ng jan 2014 pero hindi agad naasikaso ng nanay ang death/funeral claim…. feb march april nakawithdraw pa kami sa atm nya kaya nung nagpunta na kami sa sss office para ma-claim yung funeral benefits binawasan ito ng 3months worth ng pension nya…. okay naman po sa amin kasi nga po nakawithdraw pa kami ng 3months pensions after namatay ni tatay………..

      Nung inilipat na ung pension ni tatay kay nanay ang nakuha po ni nanay lump sum ng pension mula feb 2014 – aug 2014 at mula sept 2014 daw ay sa atm na po kukunin ang pension.. ang tanong ko po, bakit ung lump sum na nakuha ni nanay ay bawas pa din ng 3months eh hindi po nabawas na iyon sa funeral benefits…. paano po gagawin namin kung sakali na gusto namin i-inquire ang tungkol dun…nagpunta kasi si nanay sa sss upang itanong iyun subalit sabi daw po ng taga sss ay kailangan gumawa ng sulat. Hindi po ipinaliwanag kung anong sulat at kanino ia-address ang sulat basta na lang po tinawag n yung kasunod ni nanay sa pila…..

      sana po mapaliwanagan nyo po kami….

      maraming salamat po…


    2. john michael b. jose on

      i am the youngest son of my father when he dies. i was 17 at the time of his death. i am a illegitimate son. i did not follow my fathers surname

    3. May I make inquiry on death benefits and benefit of beneficiary of a deceased member?
      My mother , NENITA DE LAS LLAGAS MADARA, born on June 21,1916 died on October 6,2014 SSS #05-0014343-9.

      How can I go about filing for death benefit/beneficiary claim? Thanks a lot.

    4. Merida T. Dimaya on

      I just want to thank you for this information I read regarding the benefits or entitlement of our SSS beneficiaries.

      My contribution is not continuously paid monthly it depends on the budget availability but I started again from the month of June and July 2014. In case something will happen to me do my beneficiaries still receive the benefits?

      hoping for your reply.

      Merida T. Dimaya