• SSS eyes infrastructure investment


    State-run pension system Social Security System (SSS) said it is considering investing in infrastructure as a source of additional revenue to fund higher pensions and benefits for its growing membership and beneficiaries.

    “This an opportunity for SSS members, who comprise the working class, to take part in the investment economy and experience owning a road development project which would generate lifetime earnings,” Social Security Commission Chairman Amado Valdez said in a statement.

    Valdez added that individually, SSS members have financial limitations that prevent them from participating in investment activities.

    “But through the pooled contributions of SSS members, we harness a powerful tool to empower them to become vital players in investing for road development projects which has been largely dominated by large companies,” he said.

    The SSS charter allows the agency to allot up to 30 percent of its investment reserve fund for domestic infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, ports and telecommunications, provided the projects are guaranteed by the government and prioritize SSS in the distribution of earnings.

    “Beyond our primary aim of enhancing SSS revenues so that the fund can provide higher benefits, investing in infrastructure also has a multiplier effect which can boost national economic growth. Having better roads in terms of quality and reach helps promote local tourism and commerce,” Valdez said.

    Valdez said SSS is open to a public-private partnership (PPP) arrangement that fully complies with the requirements set by the Social Security Act of 1997, which is also known as the SSS charter. The law provides strict guidelines to ensure the safety, liquidity and good yield of SSS investments.

    “We plan to make it compulsory for PPP proponents to reserve for SSS the right of first refusal to 25 percent equity participation,” he added.

    SSS is pushing for charter amendments such as the reassessment of investment ceiling limits to allow more flexibility and enable SSS to be more responsive to the current market landscape, compared with two decades ago when the Social Security Law was enacted.

    “Finding more ways to further improve SSS financial viability and giving more meaningful benefits are among the reforms we plan to pursue under the current administration. Generating revenues from innovative investments is one of the options we intend to take towards achieving these goals especially that the challenge to improve the administration of our pension program is being discussed,” he said.


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    1. Placing some of the money of the SSS contributions in the pension fund to the government projects is a very good investment option. I concord with that plan to put the money there in the major government projects of railroads and train, and many other infrastructures projects that generate money. But another project the SSS workers should effectively do is the effective collection of SSS members who are working in many companies and corporations in both small, medium and big companies. In the previous report, there were billions of uncollected money of the SSS members who are working in many companies and corporations. Please SSS bosses and employees, please do your job. You are employed in the SSS offices with good salaries that are coming from SSS workers. Please be fair and do justice for SSS contributors! Please do your job! The SSS contributors working people are expecting you to work effectively there in SSS offices. You are working in air-conditioned offices paid by SSS workers. The SSS contributors are helping you and your family, and please do help also the workers, who are working so hard for their family too, like you.