• SSS launches ‘AlkanSSSya’ for farmers


    The Social Security System (SSS) recently launched its AlkanSSSya program for farmers and fisher folk of the Island Garden City of Samal, which aims to secure the groups’ future retirement.

    Emilio de Quiros Jr., SSS president and chief executive officer, said that almost a hundred farmers and fisher folk from Barangay San Remegio in Kaputian, Samal have opened their AlkanSSSya savings, an innovative scheme that makes saving daily for SSS benefits possible for informal sector workers.

    De Quiros said that many farmers and fisher folk from the barangay expressed their willingness to become covered SSS members, but they are often hindered by the lack of accessible banks and payment facilities.

    “Having few cemented roads in their area also makes it hard for them to go to our offices. But now, with the AlkanSSSya, the SSS will instead go to them once a month to count and collect their accumulated savings for SSS contributions,” he added.

    The new AlkanSSSya participants are members of the San Remegio Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Multi-Purpose Cooperative (Sarbemco) and the San Remegio Fisherfolks Cooperative (Sarfishco), which account for a combined total of 322 regular members and associates.

    Out of the total 200 members of Sarbemco, 55 are now AlkanSSSya participants, while Sarfishco has enrolled 43 out of its 122 members and associates.

    “AlkanSSSya members remit monthly premiums at least of P312, which has a corresponding monthly salary credit of P3,000. Just by saving about P10 to P12 a day, farmers and fisher folks can already look forward to a secure future as active SSS members,” de Quiros said.

    The AlkanSSSya unit for Sarbemco and Sarfishco, which is installed at the Sarbemco office for easy accessibility, is a cabinet-like metal structure containing mini-compartments.

    Each member is assigned one slot in the AlkanSSSya unit, in which they can drop their daily SSS savings until the required amount for the SSS monthly contribution is completed.

    “Majority of Sarbemco and Sarfishco members have never experienced being an SSS member,” de Quiros said.

    “Others were already covered by SSS but have stopped paying contributions due to economic reasons. But the AlkanSSSya program now makes it possible for them to become active SSS members once again and to secure their and their families’ future,” he added.


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