• Sta. Ignacia, Tarlac mayor . . . liar or senile?

    Erwin Tulfo

    Erwin Tulfo

    Somebody should teach Sta. Ignacia, Tarlac Mayor Saklulu Enrade regarding the principle of government expenditures. It seems that this local chief executive does not know anything about government cash disbursement.

    It all started sometime in April this year or a month before the election when Mayor Enrade ordered P10 million worth of textbooks for the public schools in his town.

    To cut the story short, after Enrade signed the purchase order, the said books were delivered by Golden Books International Inc., in his brother’s house in the same town. The delivery receipt was also signed by a certain Jenny Maniti.

    However, three months have passed, instead, of paying the publishing house, the nincompoop mayor told the said company that the town has no money and that they are returning the books.

    Enrade’s foul up is a clear violation of R.A. 9184 or the Principle of Govt. Expenditures which clearly states that all government purchases should have avilable funding.

    I called Mayor Enrade to get his side but instead of getting a clear cut answer, this lawyer turned mayor could not get his act together.

    At first, he said he wanted to return the said textbooks because they have no funds for it.

    Later during the phone interview, he denied having recieved any book shipment.

    If Endrade is not a liar, could he be that he is getting senile???

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    Cong. Ty in hot water?

    LPG-MA Partylist Rep. Arnel Ty may soon face several lawsuits from a LPG company whom he alledgedly accused of distributing defective and fake LPG tanks.

    The problem started when an explosion occured in a house in Paco, Manila last week seriously injuring one of its occupants.

    Though the investigation has yet to be completed by the Bureau of Fire, Ty immediately concluded that the explosion was caused by a defective tank from Shine Gas and he allegedly warned consumers not to patrionize the said LPG brand.

    However, the BFP report concluded later that the explosion was caused by a defective regulator and not a leak on the LPG tank.

    Shine Gas lawyer, Atty. Nelson Borja, said the irresponsible and baseless statements by Ty damaged the image of the said brand thereby affecting the sales of the company.

    Borja said they may file libel charges against Ty and file a complaint at the Ethics Committee in Congress versus the said lawmaker.

    Cong. Ty reportedly owns another brand of LPG.

    No wonder the damaging statement by Dy against Shine Gas..tsk, tsk, tsk.

    ”Ikaw isip muna Cong., bago salita”!!!


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