• Stalled trucks cause traffic in Cagayan


    OVERLOADED trucks stalled on roads undergoing widening and repair, causing monstrous traffic that stranded motorists for about 12 to 24 hours along the national highway spanning Nueva Ecija and Nueva Vizcaya provinces.

    Since Thursday, traffic was hardly moving, making the national highway a virtual parking area, according to Joen Domingo, a Florida bus driver plying the Cagayan Valley – Manila route.

    “Other than road and bridges undergoing widening and repair, the worst thing that happened causing motorists to be stranded from 12 to 24 hours are overweight long trucks blocking the roads, especially when they figure in accident,” Domingo said.

    Residents along the national highway between Aritao and Santa Fe towns in Nueva Vizcaya also alleged that people manning the vehicle weighing scale in their area allow heavy trucks to pass through, even if they exceed the allowable weight limit.

    The last three days until Saturday, overloaded trucks were stalled in Diadi, Nueva Vizcaya and Carranglan in Nueva Ecija that caused heavy traffic between the towns of Bagabag and Diadi and between Santa Fe and Carranglan.

    This worsens the single lane imposed along the towns of Aritao, Bambang, Bayombong, Solano, Bagabag and Diadi because of the ongoing road widening and bridge repairs slowing down traffic for hours since January.

    Stranded travelers vented their anger on social media, narrating exhaustion and disgust in spending the night on the road, especially in the mountain areas of Diadi or Dalton Pass where no food was available.

    Some returning overseas workers missed their flights at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila.

    Nueva Vizcaya police director, Senior Supt. Leumar Abugan, said his men spent hours loosening the queue of vehicles over a 10-kilometers stretch, Senior Supt. Leumar Abugan, Nueva Vizcaya police director, said.

    Meanwhile, the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) in Cagayan Valley expressed dismay over what they call factors already beyond their control. Engineering officials cited vehicles stalled in the middle of a one-lane road or the lack of courtesy among drivers, among other issues.


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    1. Emskee Domingo on

      Major reason why vehicular congestions persists is because there is NO proper discipline among drivers. Kung sino pa ung inaakala mong may pinag aralan sila pa ang nag hahari sa daan. Pilit na inaayos ng mga kapulisan and mabagal na daloy ng traffic subalit pag nakatalikod na sila naghaharian na mga drivers na feeling kanila ang daan na dapat akala nila ay sila ang mauna. Iam greatly disappointed to witness (last Saturday May 28, 2016) along the stretch of Diadi, Nueva Vizcaya, that those drivers with luxurious SUVs and Sedans are the ones counterflowing the heavy traffic. There were also RED plate vehicles/ Buses (Victory/ Florida) manuevering the LEFT lane parang sila ang KING of the road. Nakakahiya kayo sa mata ng mga bata. LTO personnel should be there to confiscate driver’s license of undisciplined road users.