• Stallone KOs Pacquiao ‘Expendables’ stint


    Sylvester Stallone adores Filipino icon Manny Pacquiao as a “great boxer.” And that’s it.

    The Hollywood action hero, who gained worldwide fame for portraying the character of boxer Rocky Balboa, has no plans–never had plans to be exact–of recruiting the Filipino boxing idol to his gang of mercenaries called “The Expendables.”

    First shown in 2010, the film series showed its third installment in 2014. And while there is no official announcement yet, many are expecting to see a fourth
    “Expendables” in 2016. Filipinos, on the other hand, are hoping to see Pacquiao in it.

    Rumors of Stallone possibly getting Pacquiao to star alongside Hollywood’s top action stars–the film series had so far featured Arnold Schwarzeneger, Jason Statham, Jean Claude Van Damme, Bruce Willis, Chuck Norris, Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford and Jet Li, among many others–began spreading when the actor visited the Wild Card Gym in Los Angeles, California, before the much-hyped Pacquiao-Mayweather bout.

    But Stallone finally set the record straight in a chance interview with TMZ Sports on May 13.

    A TMZ Sports reporter asked Stallone, “Is it true that Pacquiao would be in ‘Expendables 4’ if he won the fight? Is he gonna be in it?”

    Stallone replied, “Of course, he’ll teach us all how to box.”

    Replying to a follow-up question whether the boxer would really be given a role in the upcoming film, the Hollywood “Rambo” was quick in replying, “No, Pacquiao  was never going to be in it. He’s a great fighter… You got to stick to us broken down actors.”


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    1. If I were Stallone, WHY WOULD I INVITE AN injury-CONCEALING famed individual like Manny Pacquiao just so he won’t lose his payday on the ring? At all costs.

      Can’t blame Stallone.