• Star Cinema signs up Nathalie Hart for two-picture deal



    Star Cinema bosses were reportedly impressed with Nathalie Hart’s daring outing in “Sin Island,” showing in cinemas since Valentine’s Day, that they wasted no time in signing her up for a two-picture deal. Her next project will pair her up with Diether Ocampo who is making a comeback as an ABS-CBN artist.

    In the sexy romance flick directed Gino Santos, Nathalie (formerly known as Princess Snell) didn’t seem to mind baring her physical assets for the camera.

    Showbiz observers say that given Nathalie’s all-out performance—not only in reference to baring skin but also a natural gift in acting—the current crop of Kapamilya actresses have reason to worry. If Star Cinema decides to make more sexy movies, these pa-sweet talents may suddenly find themselves without film offers, with everything going Nathalie’s way.

    The talented and daring Nathalie Hart

    * * *

    A scandalous video of an actor has gone viral, adding another name to the list of showbiz personalities – newcomers and veterans alike – who became Internet sensations after recordings of their private moments mysteriously found their way online.

    Some people ask, “Kulang ba sila sa pansin that’s why they want to call everyone’s attention by engaging in lewd acts and happily posting these videos for public consumption?

    “Do they get an additional talent fee if producers find out they have a scandal video circulating in cyberspace?

    “Do they get more acting jobs in TV shows or movies, o sadyang trip lang talaga nila?”

    To that, what can one say but, “Walang basagan ng trip!”


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