Star Trek: Into Darkness


“Khan” touch this.

Now that the Iron Man 3 fever has gone down a bit, it’s time for the Trekkies (Star Trek fans for the non-geeks) to take center stage with the theatrical release of Star Trek Into Darkness on May 15.

I actually saw an exclusive 30-minute preview of Star Trek a day before Iron Man 3 opened and it actually made me avoid seeing Tony Stark for the first week. Even without the final 3D effects in place, the colors, and detail put into the initial scenes—Spock being dropped inside an erupting volcano, while Capt. Kirk and Bones were being chased by the yellow and white-skinned natives of planet Nibiru across a forest lined with red trees—was nothing short of spectacular.

First off, this is one movie, which you have to watch on IMAX 3D, as director JJ Abrams and the producers made sure you’d be getting your money’s worth with all the special effects, depth and the richness in color quality of each detailed scene. I dare you not to duck in your seat during the action scenes.

The initial bromance of Capt. Kirk (Chris Pine) and Spock (Zachary Quinto) may now be over, but their man-marriage onboard the USS Enterprise continues. It’s a constant contest between logic and emotion, and their conversations, which can be quite long sometimes, dictate the story. Kirk may outrank Spock, but in terms of acting, however, Quinto deserves the captain’s chair.

In the movie, the crew of the Enterprise is tasked to capture fugitive John Harrison, a sinister figure who causes a massive explosion in London, and then escapes to the Klingon enemy territory of Kronos.

British actor Benedict Cumberbatch makes for an excellent “supervillain” but the revelation of his true identity is what will make Trekkies fidget in their seats. Cumberbatch also maintains this unfazed supercool gaze even while Kirk repeatedly punches him in the face. And when he joins Kirk and Spock in their cerebral jousts it becomes a threesome of thoughts that would make you think who is actually right and who is really on the side of good.

This second film in the revived Star Trek franchise is clearly aimed at families with teenage children. The script is as witty as the special effects are dramatic. You’ll feel the panic of the crew, and the 3D effects can make you a bit “spacesick” at times. There are predictable moments, but it again perfectly sets the stage for another sequel, and maybe the movies wouldn’t be its final frontier.

Star Trek into Darkness is a Paramount presentation and is distributed by United International Pictures through Solar Entertainment Corp. It opens in regular theaters, 3D cinemas and IMAX on May 15.

Ed Uy


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