• Starmalls and the 10% public ownership rule


    STARMALLS Inc. listed two principal stockholders as the holders of 7.4 billion common shares, or 88.2 percent, in a public ownership report as of Jan. 31, 2015. Vista Land & Landscapes Inc. and Fine Properties Inc. hold 6.7 billion common shares, or 79.4 percent, and 743.3 million common shares, or 8.8 percent.

    In its computations, Starmalls attributed to the public the ownership of over 989.7 million common shares, or 11.75 percent.

    At Starmalls’ closing price of P6.20 per share on Feb. 10, Vista Land and Fine Properties make the Villars very rich, with a paper wealth topping P46 billion. At the stock’s 52-week high of P8.49, the Villar family is even much richer with a paper market worth of over P63 billion.

    Top 100

    PCD Nominee Corp. topped the list of top 100 stockholders of Starmalls as of Dec. 31, 2015. It holds 7.6 billion Starmalls common shares, or 90.3 percent of outstanding. The PCD-lodged Starmalls common shares included those owned by Vista Land and Fine Properties.

    The top 100 stockholders’ list showed much more than what the POR contained. Land and Houses Public Co Ltd., for one, did not make it to the POR but was included in the list of top 100 next to PCD as holder of 808.4 million Starmalls common shares, or 9.6 percent.

    Apparently, Starmalls classified Land and Houses among its public stockholders, a classification that enabled the company to be compliant with the market’s 10-percent minimum public ownership rule.

    Ahead by 6.8%

    GT Capital Holdings Inc. increased its holdings in Metropolitan Bank and Trust Co. (MBT) to 806.8 million common shares, or 25.4 percent, with its acquisition of 4.9 million shares, or 0.15 percent during the month.

    In an ownership filing, GT Capital said it bought the shares from a low of P68.14 per share on Jan. 21 to a high of P69.97 on Jan. 12. At the average acquisition price of P69.04, GT Capital scored a paper gain of P4.70 per share, or 6.8 percent, computed on MBT’s close of P73.75 per share on Wednesday.

    GT Capital is also a listed company. Its majority stockholder is Grand Titan Capital Holdings Inc., which owns 94.65 million GT Capital shares, or 54.3 percent.

    With this ownership profile, GT Capital reported the public as holders of 79.2 million shares, or 45.4 percent. With this ownership profile, it is a member of the “more-public-than-others” listed stocks.

    Lucky sale

    On Jan. 29, James L. Go, a member of the board of Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT), grossed P130 million from the sale of 59,000 PLDT common shares in five transactions: 31,490 shares at P2,202 each, for gross proceeds of P69.34 million; 12,510 shares at P2,204 each, or P27.57 million; 7,000 shares at P2,206 each, or P15.44 million; 5,400 shares at P2,208 each, or P11.92 million; and 2,600 shares at P2,220 each, or P5.77 million.

    Go, younger brother of businessman John Gokongwei Jr., was lucky. On Feb. 10, PLDT opened trading at P2,150 and closed at P2,164.

    PLDT recorded a 30-day high of P2,220 and a month’s low of P1,886.

    As of Jan. 14 — that is, before he sold 59,000 PLDT shares — Go owned 134,914 common shares.

    Buying from the public

    Pedro Roxas, chairman of the board of Roxas and Co. Inc. (RCI), increased his RCI holdings to 535.55 million shares, or 27.1 percent on his acquisition on Feb. 2 of 1.7 million shares at P2.70 each.

    RCI shares were last traded on Feb. 4 when its price closed at P2.70, which gave Roxas a paper wealth of P1.45 billion.

    An ownership filing shows Roxas with 535.55 million RCI shares, or 27.13 percent. Of the total, he directly owns three blocks: 937,892 shares, or 0.05 percent, and 2 million shares, or 0.09 percent.

    Roxas only indirectly owns the remaining shares, among which are 340.6 million shares, or 17.26 percent, held by Pesan Holdings Inc.; 189.5 million shares, or 9.6 percent, held by Pesan but also lodged with PCD. Also lodged with PCD are Roxas-owned 762,217 shares, or 0.04 percent.



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