• StarMobile aims to double market share by 2019


    Local smart phone and tablet manufacturer StarMobile is looking at doubling its market share to 8 percent by 2019, a top company official disclosed over the weekend.

    “We hope to double in the next three to four years,” StarMobile President and Chief Operating Officer Ulysses Lao told reporters.

    The gadget manufacturer, which was established in 2011, currently holds a four-percent market share in the cellphone and tablet industry in the Philippines.

    “I would say [we hold]more or less four percent market share,” Lao said.

    He said StarMobile is positioning for a bigger market share by focusing more on marketing.

    Lao said the nearly five-year-old firm has been doing well in sales, but it will try to make its presence more felt by consumers.

    “We are spending a lot in making StarMobile known to the market,” Lao said.

    He said StarMobile would be spending significantly on marketing its brand.

    “We are investing a lot on people,” Lao said.

    StarMobile surpassed the one-billion unit sales mark this year, and now it targets to end 2015 with 1.2 billion unit sales.

    In 2014, the company sold 800 million units of cellphones and tablets combined.

    Lao said the man driver of the increase in sales is still the company’s continuously improving smart phone line up.

    “This year, the minimum improvement in sales over last year is 40 to 50 percent improvement,” Lao said.

    But for 2016, Lao said Starmobile is expecting tough competition, with anticipated new entrants in the industry.

    “Next year it’s going to be tougher,” Lao said. “We expect a few more new entries in the market, but we call this elimination round. There are some other brands already fading out. For now, Star Mobile will play the tradition of coming up with the firsts in the industry and we come up with offers that are better,” Lao said.


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