Starred PNP officers to get up to P400K bonus from Duterte


STAR rank officers of the Philippine National Police (PNP) will receive P100,000 up to P400,000 as Christmas bonus from President Rodrigo Duterte, the country’s top police official said on Monday.

PNP chief and Director General Ronald dela Rosa told reporters during a chance interview after Monday’s flag-raising ceremony at Camp Crame in Quezon City that police officials that are below star rank will also get a P50, 000 Christmas bonus each from the President.

Dela Rosa said he announced the Christmas bonus for the police offices because he wanted to be transparent to the public.

“This is the first time in the PNP that we [will receive]this huge bonus… and its natural that I will get much bigger amount since I am the chief of the PNP,” he added.

When asked by reporters on the source of funding for the bonus, he replied that the money will not come from illegal drugs.

“Don’t asked from where it came from… but it did not come from drugs,” dela Rosa said.

Meanwhile, the PNP chief announced that over 6, 000 people might have been killed in the government’s intensified campaign against illegal drugs that started when Duterte took over the government last July 1.

He said that more than 2,000 drug suspects were killed in police operations from July 1 up to 6 a.m., Sunday, while 4,000 people were killed in apparent vigilante killings.

According to dela Rosa, the government does not want a bloodbath but he said they cannot stop the drug crackdown as long as the narcotics trade continues to thrive.

“… We cannot guarantee [that no one will be killed because]in every action, there is a corresponding reaction,” he said.

The PNP chief asked the public to “pray” for the policemen as the police organization seek “forgiveness” from those who had been killed in the government’s war on drugs. ANTHONY VARGAS




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  1. I am a kano,live 30 years in the pi. I been victim of holdups. Still like pi+people and hope duterte is successful in drug/corruption fight

  2. Must watch !!! U.S. Senator. Richard Black: US should respect President Duterte and Filipino culture (youtube subs)
    Video Url:
    Video time – 00:02:52
    “…I think what many Filipinos are now coming to recognize is that when the then Ferdinand Marcos government was overthrown largely through direct US intervention by George Schultz Paul Wolfowitz and others in 1986 declared to be a dictator and so forth. He, like Assad in Syria, that you’ve made the point over and over. he (Ferdinand E Marcos = FEM) was tremendously popular in the country but there was an urban group (the Yellow Cult Oligarchs together with the CIA and State Department) that rallied against him and they succeeded in removing him but with removing him from office all of what he (FEM) had brought to the Philippines, an industrialization programs, rice self-sufficiency, the building of the first nuclear power plant (that Cory Aquino, US Puppet, does not want to make it work because the Aquinos, US Puppets, wants Filipinos to hate FEM) in Southeast Asia, health facilities, not only for the Philippines but for all of Southeast Asia.
    All of that has been shut down and the Philippines that was once looked at as the most promising developing country in Southeast Asia, has now become the basket case with tremendous poverty which Mr. Duterte, president Duterte has always point the fact that you have thirty to forty percent poverty and even hunger across the Philippines. So, in all this time of the U.S. development and us friendship in US aid all we were willing to do is invest in mines to take out their raw materials or to use their young people in call centers to serve Americans with their banking or computer problems. But no industry no infrastructure, and now the Philippine people see an opening an opportunity for that and I think what President detect a said to his business people should be listened to as you’re saying by the united states which was well why doesn’t the United States make us the same offers that the Chinese are offering us and then we’d be glad to take them…”