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It’s three days to go before the New Year ushers in, and as always, this is the time when many choose to start afresh. Resolutions will be made, but will they be kept?

Just like ordinary mortals, stars make their resolutions too and feel just as hopeful they will see their promises through.

So what are some of the celebrities’ resolutions for 2018?

“I will spend my money wisely,” resolves Derrick Monasterio. “No more impulsive buying. I feel that I have not been a wise spender. I buy things just because nagandahan ako pero hindi ko naman magamit. In 2018, mas matipid na ko. I’ll be kuripot,” he declares with a laugh.

Barbie Forteza and Derrick Monasterio

The other half of DerBie, Barbie Forteza, promises she will be more organized with her stuff. “I tend to misplace a lot of things because I’m careless. Kung saan-saan ko binibitawan ang gamit ko. When I need them already, hindi ko na makita. This coming year, I promise that I will be more mindful of my things. I have, in fact, bought organizers for my things. That’s how determined I am to fulfill my resolution,” she enthuses.

Gabbi Garcia and Ruru Madrid

Making resolutions has been tradition for Ruru Madrid every New Year. In 2016, he promised he will be serious about body building and he really worked for it. He religiously trained and became a fixture at the gym, so that before long, everyone saw the fruits of his labor.

Now considered one of GMA Network’s hottest hunks, he says, “I’m just so thankful that I was able achieve what I have resolved to do in the beginning of the year. Now, I will focus more on improving myself when it comes to my craft. The Best Actor award I received this year from PMPC Star Awards became my inspiration to strive harder in delivering good performances to show people that I’m really worthy of the re­cognition I got.”

Andre Paras

This year also saw Andre Paras going back to his other love, basketball. He now plays for AMA in the D League, and couldn’t be happier he is able to enjoy the best of both worlds. In terms of showbiz commitments, he has “Sunday Pinasaya” and a new series as part of the cast of Ruru’s starrer, “Sherlock, Jr.”

“My New Year’s resolution is to always be hungry when it comes to acting and also basketball, so that while I’m young, I’ll be able to explore everything—kumbaga, ‘yung mga hindi ko pa nagagawa,” he says.

Lovi Poe

Kapuso prime actress Lovi Poe is determined to be more free-spirited this coming year. She says she feels that life has become something of a routine for her, whether in showbiz career or her personal life.

“I’ve become so uptight from doing the same thing over and over again,” she explained. “This 2018, I just want to go with the flow and enjoy the ride, I guess. I believe I need to loosen-up a little.”

Rather than making new year’s resolutions, Glaiza De Castro has wisely decided to work on her promises from previous years. “I’ve been making resolutions, but I always fail to fulfill them, and before I know it, it’s New Year again. I’ll make another resolution at hindi ko rin nagagawa. Puro umpisa lang. So now, I’ve decided to just do my best para matupad ko na yung dating resolutions

Mike Tan

“Kick the bad habits.” That’s what fine Kapuso leading man Mike Tan wants to do in 2018. He admits it’s not easy to let go of them but, “I’m making a conscious effort to be very consistent in practicing good habits instead of the bad ones. Pinaninindigan ko talaga. I need to do it because mahirap pangatawanan ang resolutions. Iniisip ko, it’s also for me, for my improvement as a person.”

Julie Ann San Jose

Like Mike, Julie Ann San Jose will also strive to become a better person. That’s her New Year’s resolution. She believes there is always room for improvement in everybody’s life. “We’re not perfect, I’m not perfect,” Julie Ann quips. “I of course know where I am lacking and that is where I’ll work on to improve or to change even. I want to be a better individual than I was last year. I want to do better, to explore and to innovate myself more.”

* * *

Happy New Year everyone and here’s to more “Showbuzzing” in 2018!


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