State-of-the-art facility for outpatient care


The best doctors and treatment centers under one roof. This is what Centuria Medical Makati promises. Known as the country’s first and largest medical mall, Centuria Medical is a 28-storey state-of-the-art facility that has hundreds of industry leaders in healthcare.

It houses well-trained doctors of various specialties that are affiliated with top health maintenance organizations (HMOs), offering both traditional and cutting-edge treatments at reasonable and affordable cost.

Centuria Medical is a 28-storey state-of-the-art facility that has hundreds of industry leaders in healthcare

A sound vision to deliver a world-class experience for outpatient care in the Philippines started six years ago when Century Properties Chairman and CEO Jose Antonio sought to revolutionize tertiary care by putting up the 500-clinic medical facility.

Since its opening in 2015, Centuria remains as the country’s top healthcare mall combining the technology and expertise of a tertiary hospital with a luxurious, laid back ambience of a lifestyle mall—giving a one-stop shop for all outpatient medical procedures and practices.

“While it may look lavish, it’s actually not. Our services here are across the board 40- to 60-percent cheaper than hospital rates. It is not only for upper middle class but it is for everyone,” Centuria Medical Manager for Medical Services Dr. Chelsea Samson pointed out during its media launch.

According to her, their executive checkup rates are very reasonable, coming in three basic standard packages.

“We wanted it to be very customizable to each patient. We recommended the Basic Health Package to patients under 50 years of age, while those 50 and above can take the Golden Health Packages, separately customized for males and females, to further detect conditions commonly associated with a more advanced age. This is to tailor-fit imaging and laboratory tests according to the individual needs of particular patients,” she added.

“This facility is really geared towards medical tourism. We understand that healthy insurance is very important nowadays so we have already partnered with the majority of the local and international HMOs and we are in the process of getting more,” Samson said.

Medical doctors of The Surgery Center

A world-class outpatient experience is one that gives people a warm welcome by professionals concierge team, in a plush setting, and which gives a patient the flexibility to choose from the well-credentialed medical care providers. And Centuria has clinics complete with premier facilities for primary care, multi-specialty surgery, dermatology and cosmetic laser treatment.

It also offers multi-specialty dentistry, cosmetic and facial surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, ophthalmology and laser eye surgery, oral and maxillofacial surgery, urology, physical therapy, chiropractic treatment, orthopedic, dialysis, and wellness and complementary medicine.

The top executive explained further that Centuria Medical is a one-stop shop for patients—a medical mall with an array of options to choose from but as complete as possible for everyone.

“However, there are cases that we may not be able to handle because we are not really a hospital. Since we are an outpatient medical facility, a lot of the cases that we treat here are for people who do not really need serious emergency care. For example, if you do come in and you have cardiac condition and you need a heart transplant, that is best taken care of in the hospital,” she noted.

Meanwhile, Centuria doctors strongly believe in the vision that they went above and beyond by putting up Centers of Excellence in the building—bringing in the best technology, equipment and minds—to give the best kind of care for Filipino and foreign patients.

Advanced Lab Solutions by Hi-Precision. For diagnostics and laboratory testing that offers the most advanced tests for the early detection of hereditary cancer (Myriad myRisk Hereditary Cancer) and pre-natal gender (Panorama Non-Invasive Pre-Natal Screening).

Asian Breast Center. Dr. Norman San Agustin—a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and Founder and President of Morristown Surgical Associates at the Morristown Medical Center in New Jersey—made it his mission to return to the country and put up a profit-for-charity, comprehensive breast cancer center that advocates a more accurate diagnosis and a multi-disciplinary approach to management, especially with the alarming statistics that one in four women develop breast cancer in their lifetime. A more advanced treatments for early-stage breast cancer is the Intraoperative Radiation Therapy, which unlike other radiation therapies that radiates the whole breast, only targets the specific area where the cancer is.

The Executive Screening Center. Dr. Oscar Cabahug, a well-established Internal Medicine and
Gastroenterology practitioner, is Centuria’s Medical Director for The Executive Screening Center. As a way of providing more cost-effective options for patients, the center offers wellness packages that are generally suitable and appropriate for each patient group.

Urgent Care Clinic. The Executive Screening doctors also run Centuria’s Urgent Care Clinic which is open 24/7. It provides treatment for primary level cases that include less than serious medical conditions such as cough and colds, headaches, fever, abdominal pain, dizziness, injuries such as less than severe contusions, minor cuts, and abrasions, as well as occupational health concerns. For more severe cases, Centuria has partnered with Lifeline Ambulance Rescue, which can take patients to the nearest hospital.

Peregrine Eye And Laser Institute. Specialists in Cataract Surgery, Glaucoma Surgery, Pediatric
Ophthalmology, Neuro-Ophthalmology, Bladeless Lasik, Ophthalmic Plastic, Reconstructive Surgery, Uveitis and Retina Surgery are committed to efficiently deliver eye care services for a wide range of diseases.

The Surgery Center. A stand-alone, out-patient surgical facility that caters to the needs of specialties such as Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic/Cosmetic Surgery, Dermatology, ENT-HNS, Gastroenterology, OB-GYN, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics and Urology.

Fuda Cancer Hospital. The office at Centuria serves as a screening center for patients seeking for cancer treatments at Fuda Cancer Hospital in China. It also assists patients and their families in flight arrangements, visa issues, airport pickups, room accommodation bookings, and banking matters. The hospital’s focus is on early diagnosis and treatment of various cancers in the organs of pancreas, liver, lung, breast, uterus, stomach, esophagus, tongue, prostate, skin and larynx, as well as nasopharyngeal cancer, colorectal cancer and lymphoma. It is also known to be one of the hospitals that specializes in treating advanced-stage cancers.

Aside from these treatment centers, there are exclusive and luxurious hotel-style suites that are available for patients who wish to spend extra time to recover from their medical procedures. All rooms are private and fully-furnished in order to create a unique healing environment for patients. Aftercare services include around-the-clock assistance, and choice recovery meals.


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